Do it yourself diy dresser makeover ideas

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How can I make my dresser look better?

How do you make over a dresser?

How do you modernize an old dresser?

  1. Taper the legs and add white paint for a mid-century look. …
  2. Highlight unique shapes with two different stains. …
  3. Leverage “faults” (and add a bright color) …
  4. Paint it, then add extra sparkle to the drawers. …
  5. Do a “make-under” by removing shiny varnish and re-staining natural wood grain. …
  6. Combine a bold color with natural wood.

How do you glam up an old boring dresser?

How do you make an old wood dresser look new?

How to Refinish a Dresser

  1. Step 1: Choose a Stain. …
  2. Step 2: Remove Hardware, Drawers and Clean Surfaces. …
  3. Step 3: Remove Old Finish. …
  4. Step 4: Apply Sanding Sealer. …
  5. Step 5: Start Staining. …
  6. Step 6: Finish It.

How can I decorate my furniture without paint?


5 Ways to Update Furniture Without Paint

  1. Update Furniture with Washi Tape. Washi tape is a FABULOUS way to give furniture a new look! …
  2. Use Furniture Tacks or Nailheads to Update Furniture. …
  3. Use Fabric or Paper to Update Furniture. …
  4. Use New Hardware to Change the Look. …
  5. Use Baskets (or Accessories) to Update Furniture.

How do you cover a dresser with fabric?

What can I do with an old dresser?


10 New Uses for Old Dressers

  1. Space for a Sink. 1/11. Make a big splash in the bathroom by repurposing an old dresser as a vanity. …
  2. Dressed for Dinner. 2/11. …
  3. Drawer Decor. 3/11. …
  4. Spring Wardrobe. 4/11. …
  5. Tune In. 5/11. …
  6. No Monster Under the Bed. 6/11. …
  7. Open to New Possibilities. 7/11. …
  8. Approach the Bench. 8/11.

How do you give old furniture a modern makeover?


How to Give Old Furniture a Modern Makeover: 4 Steps to DIY

  1. Step 1: Decide What Needs to Change. Look at the elements of your piece and decide what’s dated. …
  2. Step 2: Decide What Modern Features to Include. …
  3. Step 3: Repaint or Refinish Old Wood Furniture. …
  4. Step 4: Refinish Metal Features.

How do you make old wood furniture look modern?

Updating your furniture is now easy with our simple and creative ideas:

  1. #1. Strip Old Painted Finishes. …
  2. #2. Clean Stain from Your Chairs, Dresser or Tables. …
  3. #3. Add a Fresh Coat of Spray Paint. …
  4. #4. Re-Cover Dining Chairs with a New Cushion. …
  5. #5. Refinishing Furniture. …
  6. #6. Go For Milk Paint.

How do you make old bedroom furniture look modern?



  1. Add Furniture Wax. If you have a piece that is stripped already or just could use new wax, consider adding a darkened wax to it. …
  2. Clean It! Sometimes, all your next project needs is a good scrubbing. …
  3. Spray Paint Secondhand Furniture. …
  4. Add New Hardware. …
  5. Swap Out the Legs.

How do you make antique furniture look modern?


How To Make Antiques Look Modern

  1. Reupholster Furniture In New Fabrics.
  2. Mix Modern Artwork With Antique Furniture.
  3. Make A Vintage Rug Look New Again With Modern Furniture.
  4. Add In Lucite Or Mirrored Accents.

How do you add texture to a dresser?


You can layer chalk paint® to add texture to your furniture, add depth and texture by incorporating fabric into your furniture makeover, or you can give the appearance of texture by using stencils or textured wallpaper.

How do you refurbish a cheap dresser?

How do you restore a dresser without sanding?


5 Methods for Painting Furniture Without Sanding:

  1. MINERAL PAINT (My Favorite Option) With Mineral paint you don’t need to prime anything beforehand. …
  2. CHALK PAINT. Chalk paint is the best way to paint practically anything without sanding. …

What do I need to refurbish a dresser?

Supplies needed to refurbish an old dresser

  1. Sandpaper in fine, medium and coarse.
  2. Oscillating tool with sanding attachment and pads.
  3. Cloth for wiping sanding dust.
  4. Screwdriver for removing hardware.
  5. Paint brushes.
  6. Drop cloth.
  7. Water-based pre-stain.
  8. Water-based stain in pink.

Can you use peel and stick wallpaper on furniture?


Using peel and stick wallpaper is a great option for updating furniture. The paper can be removed without damage should you change your mind down the road. You can apply peel and stick wallpaper to the front, sides, top of furniture, or even to the insides of a drawer, for example.

Can you put contact paper on a dresser?

How can I redo my bedroom furniture?

How do you attach fabric to wood furniture?


To adhere fabric to wood, you’ll need to sand the surface of the wood, then use Mod Podge to bind the fabric to it. First, sand the wood with 100-200 grit sandpaper to make it smooth for better adhesion. Then, wipe the surface of the wood down with a damp rag and allow it to fully dry.

How do you cover wood with fabric?



  1. Basecoat your furniture with an appropriate color.
  2. Wash and dry your fabric.
  3. Use Hard Coat Mod Podge to prepare the fabric.
  4. Add decoupage medium to both the wood and the back of the fabric.
  5. Work slowly, smoothing the fabric down to the wood, adding more decoupage medium as you go (it dries quickly).

How do you decoupage a dresser?

How do you repurpose a wood dresser?

What do you put in empty dresser drawers?


Dresser drawers provide an excellent place to store T-shirts, tank tops, socks, and other articles of clothing. But they also can wind up becoming a spot to pack away items you don’t wear—and probably won’t wear again.

How do you upcycle a set of drawers?

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