How to maintain blonde hair

6 More Must-Follow Tips to Maintain Blonde Hair · 1. Hold Off on Heat Styling · 2. Try a Water Filter · 3. Use a Sunscreen for Hair · 4. Finish …

How do you keep blonde hair from fading?

8 game-changing tips to make your blonde hair last longer

  1. 1 Use a UV protective spray. UV rays can alter colour, dry out strands, and cause split ends. …
  2. 2 Invest in purple shampoo. …
  3. 3 Deep condition often. …
  4. 4 Leave in condition. …
  5. 5 All hail dry shampoo. …
  6. 6 Protect from the pool. …
  7. 7 No more heat. …
  8. 8 Dry it gently.

How do you maintain bleached blonde hair?


How to Take Care of Bleached Hair – The Complete Guide

  1. Avoid Washing Your Hair as Frequently.
  2. Invest in Olaplex.
  3. Use a Deep Conditioning Treatment.
  4. Avoid Heat Styling Whenever Possible.
  5. Use a Good Heat Protectant.
  6. Tone Up Your Hair.
  7. Avoid Bleaching the Dead Ends.
  8. Lower the Water Temperature.

How do you keep blonde hair naturally?

The best strategy for taking care of natural blonde hair is to avoid chlorinated water;when possible, wear a ponytail or bun when you’re in the water or go for full coverage with a swim cap. Also make sure to rinse your hair thoroughly both before and after getting in the pool to minimize chlorine absorption.

How long does blonde last?

And an investment! Going blonde may well be easier said than done, but when you finally get the blonde hair of your dreams be prepared for the upkeep. As your hair grows, you’ll need regular touch-ups to keep your blonde tresses looking fresh – which can be as often as every four to eight weeks.

Why does my blonde fade so fast?

A common reason behind fast-fading hair color is insufficient processing time, meaning the hair color did not stay on long enough. This especially holds true if you or your client have grey hair. Grey hair cuticles are tightly packed down and take longer to open and absorb artificial hair color molecules.

Can blonde hair be healthy?

Yes, bleached hair can be healthy, too, as long as you have an excellent hair care routine to balance out the damage and keep your hair in the most beneficial possible condition. For best tips and products for bleached hair, see the article above.

Why does blonde hair go yellow?

A yellow tinge in bleached blonde hair may be due to an application error or due to an unsuitable product choice. The yellow tinge often shows up because the bleach is rinsed out too early. Many women will watch the color changing while the bleach does its work.

How do I keep my bleached hair healthy?

Tips for Keeping Bleached Hair Healthy

  1. Reduce shampoo frequency. …
  2. Use specialised colour care product lines. …
  3. Eliminate heat styling tools from the bleached hair care routine. …
  4. Avoid brushing and combing hair when wet. …
  5. Grab a microfibre towel. …
  6. Use silk satin or silk cotton pillowcase. …
  7. Apply a hydration mask every time.

What does purple shampoo do for blonde hair?

It features crushed violet pigments that neutralize style-ruining brassy and yellow tones. Hair stylists often tone bleached or blonde hair to neutralize brassy yellow and orange tones on bleached hair with a purple color. Purple shampoo is a great at-home solution for toning hair and preventing brassiness.

Why do blondes get darker with age?


But some children with light hair, including towhead blonds, strawberry blonds, dishwater blonds and redheads, see their hair go dark brown by their 10th birthday. The reason for this change is because the amount of eumelanin in your hair increases as you mature, according to some research.

Will blonde stay forever?


3. Blondes aren’t blondes forever. (Naturally, at least.) Many kids born with light hair go dark before their tenth birthday, thanks to rising levels of eumelanin, a natural pigment that regulates the darkness of hair strands.

Why do blondes turn brown?

It’s the same pigment that gives skin its color! This melanin pigment is made by special cells called melanocytes. These cells live at the bottom of each strand of hair. When these cells make a lot of melanin, your hair turns brown or black.

Does blonde hair make you look younger?


Does Blonde Hair Make You Look Younger? It does indeed! Warm blonde tones such as honey, gold, caramel and strawberry blonde can take years off your face. If you are a natural blonde, try a toner that contains moisturising ingredients to make your hair more youthful.

Does everyone look better blonde?


While most women will look good in some shade of blond, not every woman will look like a natural blonde.

What blonde hair is expensive?


Expensive blonde hair is created by using many fine highlights, which leads to more dimension and higher soft contrast in the look. Due to the soft contrast that isn’t too dramatic, the color looks more expensive.

How do you keep blonde hair healthy and growing?

Don’t overwash hair or skin: Let your natural oils do their job and use dry shampoo + dry conditioner! Opt for no-heat: Intense heat can instantly destroy years of growth. Skip the hair ties: Again, keep it simple! Sleep with a silk pillowcase: Let your hair sleep in the lap of luxury.

When can I use purple shampoo after bleaching?

If you waited the full 72 hours before washing your hair after it was bleached, you can go ahead and use the purple shampoo the next time you shower. If it hasn’t been 72 hours yet, skip the purple shampoo until your next wash so it doesn’t potentially mess up your hair tone.

Does blonde hair fade with washing?


Does bleached hair fade? Bleached hair doesn’t fade back to your natural hair colour in the same way that other dyes will. However, it can become darker or duller over time if the toner washes out, leading to yellow pigments becoming visible again.

How can you make hair color last longer?


5 easy ways to make your hair colour last longer

  1. Don’t over wash your hair.
  2. Choose your shampoo wisely.
  3. Deep condition your hair.
  4. Turn the temperature down.
  5. Treat your hair with care.

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