How to wear kimono cardigan

Kimonos can we worn with anything in your closet, from skinny jeans and heels or layered over a mini dress for some serious ’70s vibes.

Can you wear kimono cardigan?


It’s especially a great piece to wear in the Summer, when you want to wear a layer but it’s too hot to wear a cardigan or denim jacket. Since a kimono is breezy and the style is open and flowy, you can easily wear it over a tee and shorts or with a pair of linen pants and top.

How do you wear a kimono sweater?

How do you tie a kimono cardigan?

Can I wear a kimono as a jacket?

They are also the perfect choice on a hot summer evening when a thick cardigan or jacket would be stifling. Endless options: You can slip into a kimono jacket on a fall evening to keep chills at bay, or you can cinch them with a belt to mimic the look of a flare dress.

Is it rude to wear a kimono?


In short, you will not be viewed as ‘stealing’ Japanese culture if you wear a kimono and you are respectful when doing so. In fact, many Japanese would be pleased to see you wear a kimono as it demonstrates your passion for Japanese culture.

How do you make a kimono look good?

Can you wear kimono casually?

Printed Kimonos in both light and dark colors are popular for casual wear among men as well as women.

What can you wear with kimono jackets?

You can wear your kimono jacket for the perfect summer look, by pairing it with shorts, a simple top and sneakers or sandals. 2. Tight fitted dresses. The best styling tip to wear kimono jackets, is to pair it with a tight dress.

How do you wear a kimono in the winter?

What do I do if my kimono is too big?

If your kimono is a heavy material, then try a wider belt. For this example, I used a thin belt because the kimono is sheer and lightweight.

How do you wear a kimono on a night out?


Perfect for a night out, layer a kimono over a sexy, strapless top and pair with jeans and some heels. In the summer, kimonos work really well with shorts, a plain tank and a pair of sandals. Photo: Tiphaine’s Diary. Be mindful of your color scheme.

Can you wear a kimono with jeans?


When paired with your favourite pair of jeans, this outfit can create a personal style that is timeless yet on-trend. A combination of old and new, kimonos pair beautifully with a ton of outfits, especially jeans.

Can a non Japanese person wear a kimono?


To get straight to the point: As long as a kimono is worn out of respect and appreciation of the Japanese culture, it’s perfectly fine to wear a kimono as a foreigner.

Is it rude to wear a kimono if your not Japanese?


“Ok, fine. You can wear the kimono while you’re in Japan, but not outside (or to non-Japanese events) because that would be disrespectful”

Can you have your hair down while wearing a kimono?

You could just leave it down if it’s a short hair. Typically, it’s does not look clean when you put your hair down. You will also notice from many of pictures that people use hair accessaries to make it prettier as well.

What should you not wear with a kimono?


Wear white tabi socks Bare feet and fancy socks are not recommended! A little advice if you wish to wear a kimono someday: put on your pair of tabi before putting on your kimono because, once you are wrapped in this straight garment, it won’t be easy to reach your feet.

How do you layer a kimono?

How do you sit in a kimono?


To sit seiza-style, put sit on your knees with your feet directly behind you. Of course, your kimono should be neatly folded under your knees when sitting. Make sure you move slowly and gently keep the kimono in place as you lower down onto the floor.

What do kimono colors mean?

In Japan, there are only four colors to be considered primary, pure, and genuine. White is a color of purity and represents truth, humility, and mourning. Black is associated with formality as well as mourning. Red is symbolic of the sun and is linked to authority, strength, sacrifice, joy, and happiness.

Can I wear a kimono with sneakers?


At least not according to Boston Club, a shoe shop from Osaka that’s pushing the idea of wearing sneakers with kimono. Similar to the avant–garde designers looking to give a place to old-school Japanese attire in the modern world, Boston Club sees nothing wrong with pairing a kimono with some contemporary kicks.

How do you wear a modern kimono?

5 ways how to wear a kimono

  1. Throw your kimono over a pair of shorts and slip on some sneakers for a cool, casual look. …
  2. Wear your kimono like a lightweight jacket over a simple, but stunning evening dress. …
  3. Feel sexy and flirty by styling your kimono as a sultry dressing gown.

Can I wear a kimono to a wedding?

Wedding guests can wear kimono at both western and Shinto-style weddings. The parents of the bride or groom can also wear black or any dark color kimono at their son or daughter’s wedding. Also, young unmarried women prefer to wear bright color furisode and older guests generally wear dark-solid color Kimonos.

Can you wear a necklace with a kimono?

A. You can wear rings, necklace and earrings, but please wear simple and elegant accessories. However, accessories are not allowed in a tea party.

What is a winter kimono called?


Hikizuri means “trailing skirt” and the kimono got this name because of its length. The gorgeous fabric flow elegantly. In contrast to other kimono types, Hikizuri kimono is mainly worn by geisha, maiko or stage performers of traditional Japanese dance.

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