How to wear mules with dresses

Try slipping your mules on with a bright sundress for hotter days, or on cooler days try pairing them with a denim dress or jeans. Remember, …

Can you wear mules with a dress?

Can you wear mules with a dress? Absolutely! Mules look fantastic teamed with a whole array of dresses. Whether you are looking for a casual everyday look or an elegant evening occasion, there is a mule for every setting!

What dress goes with mules?

Pair open-toe mules, such as peep-toe mules, with a maxi or midi dress to create an elegant outfit. Try heeled mules to add extra height to your look. 5. Wear with a jumpsuit for a trendy look.

Can I wear mules with jeans?


Mules can be paired with jeans for a casual outfit – try a pair of light-colored jeans or distressed jeans to add some contrast to your look. For a chic summer outfit, wear a crop top with your favorite mules. Whether you’re going for skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, or mom jeans, mules go with everything!

What season do you wear mules?

Unlike open-toed sandals, which could look odd when worn with a colorful pair of socks, the closed-toed nature of mules usually hides the socks you’re wearing when paired with pants. During the winter months, a warm pair of mules and a comfy pair of socks ensure maximum coziness.

Can I wear mules to a wedding?


A pointed-toe mule is the perfect way to dress up your wedding look, for winter weddings, evening ceremonies, and black-tie occasions alike. A bright satin style brings a nice pop of color, white neutral tones make for an elegant option as well.

Are mules classy?


As we’ve established with the puffy sleeves fashion trend, mules shoes are understated in a classy way that contributes to the overall look without taking away from the outfit’s main point. In this way, mules shoes in neutral colors are best with checks and patchwork designs, which we see a lot this year.

Where should your heel be in mules?


Look for mules that are designed properly for the function of walking. In high heel mules the heel of the shoe should be centered underneath your heel. Mules are inherently unusually unstable shoes whether they are high heeled or low heeled, therefore a balanced design in critical.

How do you wear a mule without slipping?

Don’t slip slide away. I have run into an occasional mule which slip on my feet. To help prevent this, try a half-foot sock with a little thickness to it and on the bottom of the shoe a strip of two- sided tape will slow you down if it slips while walking.

How do you style a flat mule?

  1. Wear your mules with cropped wide leg jeans. Cropped wide leg jeans are so popular right now, and also can be tricky to wear with different shoes. …
  2. Wear these Madewell mules with your workwear. …
  3. Wear your mules flats with mom jeans. …
  4. Mules can look great with a dress.

Can you wear nylons with mules?


When wearing your mules with dresses or skirts, adding a pair of tights can work really well, providing you: Stick to completely opaque tights – sheer tights are often a little thin and don’t mix well with mules. Choose plain, non-patterned tights that don’t distract from your shoes.

Can I wear leggings with mules?


You can also opt for a clog mule for a more casual outfit. Simple pointed toe mules will go with everything and with the right leggings can be dressed up or down. Cotton, suede, leather or animal print leggings look great with mules of all kinds!

Can you wear mules with capris?

A cute pair of Mules, particularly when they look like chic gold ones, looks classy with capris. Add a circular bag and a trendy wrap dress, and you’ve elevated capris’ casual existence to a whole new level.

How do you style a mule for winter?


Style your mules with a cozy sweater and flowy dress for an evening look that feels just fancy enough. Jeans make a dress and mules much more appropriate for chilly weather. Try layering tights with jeans and mules to add an extra layer of warmth.

Can you wear hose with mules?

You can wear mules with thigh highs, stockings, or tights if you really want to.

Are mules good for your feet?

Mules are easy to slip on and off your feet. And that’s the problem: “With any type of slide that doesn’t have a back, your toes over-grip in order to keep that shoe from flying off your foot,” says Dr. Jacqueline Sutera, a Midtown-based doctor of podiatric medicine and surgery.

What shoes to wear with a dress for a wedding?


Pointed-Toe Flats: If you’re more comfortable with your feet covered, dressy shoes with a pointed toe can also work with an elegant dress like this. You can opt for a distinct pointed toe or slightly softer point, but avoid ballet flats that will make this look too dressed down.

Are mules fashionable 2022?

If you’re after a more refined look in 2022, opt for a slingback mule— the pointier the better. With Prada, Saint Laurent and Gucci all releasing iconic versions, there’s no doubt this trend will take over (even more so) in 2022.

Can mules be formal?

Mules are stylish and comfortable but might not be so versatile. They don’t fall under the formal category, but if you have pulled off sneakers or loafers with suits before, then pairing mules with formals might not be too hard for you.

Are mules in fashion?

Mules have pretty much cemented themselves into our wardrobes the past few seasons thanks to that quilted style from Bottega Veneta and the ’90s-inspired style is still going strong in 2022. Defined by one simple strap and a low-to-mid heel this year’s iteration has a playful spin—from animal prints to sparkly details.

How do you keep feet from sliding out of mules?

Use no-slip shoe inserts. They have a texture that prevents your foot from slipping–it’s simple yet very effective. They’re cheap, reusable and definitely worth trying (any cushion, insert or liner from brands like Hollywood Fashion Tape, Dr Scholl’s, Dr Foot, etc should work).

Are mules smart casual?

For the Smart Casual Look Whether you’re looking to make your look feel restrained or more sophisticated, mules are a great bet.

What do you wear with mule sandals?

Wear a pair of low-heeled leather mules with light jeans, a white shirt and a long gray or checkered coat for a sophisticated, urban look. Warm, caramel leather mules with a high heel go beautifully with black jeans and a denim jacket, or maybe pair them with a navy midi skirt for a fun, casual outfit.

How do you wear a loafer mule?

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