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Where to buy clothes worn by Rue Bennett (played by Zendaya) on HBO’s Euphoria. Euphoria. Episodes. Select Episode …

What does Rue wear in Euphoria?

Unlike her teen peers in the hyper-glamourized Euphoria universe, Rue’s outfits are practical. Always paired with her high-top black Converse, she mainly wears hoodies, graphic oversized tees, basketball shorts or cargo pants, and has an affinity for layering to create her signature baggy look.

What shirt is Rue wearing in Euphoria?

Rue Bennett (Zendaya Coleman) wears this black and white psychadelic print shirt in this episode of Euphoria, “Made You Look”. It is the STUSSY Psychedelic checker-print woven shirt.

How do you dress like you’re in Euphoria?


Think long shorts paired with crop tops or funky printed shirts with jeans and Converse. Lots of Converse. Rue’s shirt is a vintage M&G top. You can’t buy it anymore, but there are some similar options below.

What is Jules style called Euphoria?

Bivens describes Jules’s style as “wildly expressive with a penchant for layering”. Her character is still exploring and figuring out how to be comfortable in her own skin.

What type of aesthetic is Euphoria?

Internet aesthetic trends, like Euphoria, function as a kind of highly stylized form of self-expression.

Does Rue ever dress up?

‘Euphoria’ Season 2: Rue’s Costumes Are Riddled With Hidden Meaning. Euphoria Season 2 has some pretty impressive costumes once again. Designer Heidi Bivens returns and has put characters like Maddy, Cassie, and Kat in some iconic looks. Zendaya’s character Rue Bennett has never been the most fashionable on the show.

What did rues shirt say?

Online Ceramics Change Is Good T-Shirt The phrase “Change Is Good” surrounds the images. Given Rue’s continued battle with drug addiction throughout this season so far, we hope this is some sort of easter egg and she accepts the help of Ali and others sooner or later.

What does Rue’s shirt say?

Rue’s wardrobe features psychedelic button downs In Season 1, Episode 3 "Made You Look", Rue wears an Oversized Shirt In Psychedelic Print by Stussy and proclaims that character Jules Vaughn is the "best thing to happen to her in a long time" (via YouTube) before kissing her.

What drugs do they do in Euphoria?


Rue takes the powerful opioid fentanyl, injects morphine, and drags around a suitcase filled with thousands of dollars worth of drugs (a stash she can’t resist dipping into). Meanwhile, she rips apart her life: tearing through her house, ransacking strangers’ homes, and screaming at the people she loves the most.

How do you dress like Rue Bennett?

Rue often wears oversized t-shirts with tie-dye and/or graphic prints, so this tie-dye t-shirt dress with a graphic print is a great way to capture her look. It can be worn as a dress or as an oversized t-shirt, which is definitely how Rue would wear it.

How old is Fez in Euphoria?


Meanwhile, in season 1, episode 7, Nate claims that Fez "dropped out of school at 20" during a confrontation at Fez’s convenience store. This would make Fez at least 20 years old but probably a little older.

What year is Euphoria set in?


Season one of "Euphoria" is set in 2019 and follows Rue’s junior year of high school. After leaving rehab, the teen struggles to maintain her sobriety. Season two, which premiered in January 2022, centers on the same school year at East Highland and opens with Rue and her friends celebrating New Year’s Eve.

Is Jules a boy?


The show is Euphoria, HBO’s controversy-courting teen drama, and the character is Jules, a charismatic young transgender girl with Rapinoe-pink hair and a heart that looks for love in all the wrong places.

What is up with the makeup in Euphoria?

The answer was simple, and she went back to what made the makeup so special in the first place: using it as an extension of the characters themselves, and a direct reflection of what they’re experiencing. “First and foremost, the looks have to go with the script and what the kids are going through,” she says.

Why do the kids in Euphoria dress like that?

In the wash of neon lights and glitter-soaked tears, each costume or outfit worn brilliantly reflects the growth and conflict within each character’s arc. “Euphoria” at its core wants to depict life as it is, or even how it seems to be, in 2019.

Is Euphoria for Gen Z?

“Euphoria” doesn’t explicitly blame its characters’ problems on social media, and it shouldn’t. Instead, it focuses on their backstories and how personal relationships have affected them. But, it’s all within the context of growing up in Generation Z.

What aesthetic is Jules?

Jules’ aesthetic is very "bubblegum pop princess" meets e-girl fantasy. She draws on a lot of neon and hi-vis colours, a key feature of some e-girl styles, and most of her wardrobe is defined by bold purples, baby pinks and plaid check bottoms.

Why is Rue always wearing a hoodie?

As a refresher, it’s revealed that the maroon hoodie belonged to none other than Rue’s late father, who died of cancer. This heartbreaking revelation came in the form of a flashback when a distraught Rue makes her way home from the train station after Jules’ departure.

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