What happened in looking for alaska

Miles embarrasses himself on the first group date at a basketball game with Alaska, Alaska’s boyfriend Jake, Chip, Chip’s girlfriend Sara, Takumi, and Lara.

What happened to Alaska looking for Alaska?


She is described as living in a "reckless world." After receiving an unknown call, Alaska dies in a car accident, and the second half of the novel focuses on uncovering the mystery from the night she died. At the end of the book, it is not confirmed whether her death was an accident or suicide.

What happens at the end of Looking for Alaska?


The final scene of the miniseries shows Miles, The Colonel, Takumi, and Lara moving their school’s Alaska memorial bench to their secret smoking spot by the creek — it’s where Alaska would want to be. Here Miles says goodbye to Alaska, wishing that it’s beautiful wherever she is now.

What happened in the book Looking for Alaska?


“Looking For Alaska” tells the story of Miles “Pudge” Halter (Charlie Plummer), a teenage boy from Orlando who is obsessed with famous last words and has become consumed by his desire to seek “the Great Perhaps,” a concept inspired by the last words of poet Francois Rabelais.

Who ratted Looking for Alaska?

On a smoking walk in the woods, Takumi tells Miles that it was Alaska who ratted out her former roommate, Marya, and her roommate’s boyfriend, Paul. Takumi figured it out through some super-sleuthing. And also because Alaska admitted it to him.

Does Alaska love Pudge?

But I think there’s a strong case to be made from the story that Pudge and Alaska really loved each other and were in many ways suited to each other. Obviously, one wishes that Pudge could’ve understood the seriousness of Alaska’s pain earlier, and that Alaska could’ve done a better job of reaching out to him.

Does Alaska and Pudge get together?

Alaska and Pudge drink, smoke, and do many things together, causing him to fall in love with her, despite the complications of their relationships. The Colonel and Alaska have been planning a pre-prank to lull the Warriors into a state of peace.

Did Takumi and Lara end up together?

Lara and Takumi are happy together, the Colonel seems to have finally forgiven himself, and Miles has a renewed sense of faith in where life is taking him. It’s a powerful ending to a powerful show, made all the more captivating because it ends with John Green’s own words.

Who called Alaska before she died?


Spoilers ahead for Looking For Alaska Season 1. Before Alaska’s car accident, she received a phone call that left her in a panic and rushing to drive away from campus. After some investigative work, Miles and Chip determine that the phone call was from Jake, Alaska’s ex-boyfriend.

What were Alaska’s last words?

Alaska’s last words to me were ‘To be continued’, and so I choose the labyrinth, even if there’s no way out, even if we’re all going, even if everything falls apart.” As one final prank, Alaska’s friends steal the bench and install it at the smoking hole, as she’d have wanted.

Why is miles so angry with Alaska for leaving?

Miles is very upset because he does not want to make a bad impression upon Dr. Hyde. After this event, Miles, Takumi, the Colonel and Alaska head down to the forest to smoke cigarettes. Miles and the Colonel attend the first basketball game of the season at Culver Creek.

What mental illness does Alaska have in Looking for Alaska?

The study results showed that Alaska that Alaska’s personality fulfills three cores of characteristic Borderline Personality Disorder and Alaska’s personality influences on how she resolves her conflicts.

Do Miles and Alaska sleep together?

Miles finally gets his “girl”, and Alaska finally gets her “boy”, and as he lays in bed with her after I presume they have sex (not completely clear) he whispers “I love you”.

What did Takumi do in Looking for Alaska?

Takumi serves as a sort of conscience for Miles somewhat regularly, especially when Miles finds out about Alaska snitching on her roommate and when Miles ignores Lara for, like, two months (46after. 3).

Why did Alaska snitch on Marya?

Alaska had ratted because the Eagle had discovered her with alcohol. She had agreed to rat to save herself from expulsion. She couldn’t get a scholarship to another school, and without, she couldn’t go to college to escape her family home.

Why is Alaska the rat?

He then ends up with a great deal of egg on his face when it’s revealed that the rat was none other than Alaska, who told on the others in order to keep herself from getting in trouble. The revelation that Alaska is the rat brings forth the end of what was a fairly idyllic time at Culver Creek Prep for Miles.

What did the Eagle do to Alaska?

As the group leaves the hearing, The Eagle shoots Alaska a meaningful look. It is revealed that she is the rat: after The Eagle caught her burying bottles of wine in the woods, she ratted out Paul and Marya to avoid expulsion. Alaska rejoins her friends, shaking off her doubts.

What is the moral of Looking for Alaska?

“Looking for Alaska” allows readers to ponder the true meaning of life- to cherish and live every moment of it despite its challenges.

What was Alaska’s question?

He hands out the final paper assignment for the semester. It’s a variation of Alaska’s question: "How will you—you personally—ever get out of this labyrinth of suffering?

Did miles love Alaska?

For Miles, her focus of love was and still is towards him. because of his relationship with Alaska Young. In the beginning, Alaska Young makes Miles falling in love, but after that, Alaska Young is dead. The relationship towards the deceased character will be demonstrated that it changes Miles’ character.

How does Miles deal with Alaska’s death?

After Alaska’s death, Miles is left grieving without a belief that Alaska is in heaven or in another place. He fixates on the idea that she is totally gone, that her body is rotting in the ground being eaten by bugs.

When Alaska gets drunk with the colonel what does she do?

The night of the incident, she was drinking heavily with Pudge, and the two end up making out. Then Alaska gets a phone call that sends her into hysterics. She tells Pudge she needs to leave, and Pudge and the Colonel help her sneak off campus.

Why is it called Looking for Alaska?

It’s from an Aleut word, Alyeska. It means ‘that which the sea breaks against’, and I love that. But at the time, I just saw Alaska up there. And it was big, just like I wanted to be.

Is Looking for Alaska accurate?

Looking For Alaska is a work of fiction. However, there are definite similarities between Pudge and Green — and Green is more than willing to admit them. “So, my first novel is about a guy from Florida who is obsessed with the dying words of famous people and then leaves home to go to a boarding school in Alabama.

Is there a movie for Looking for Alaska?

It is based on the 2005 novel of the same name by John Green. After a film adaptation was repeatedly delayed at Paramount Pictures, Hulu finalized a deal and ordered an eight-episode limited series. The series premiered on Hulu on October 18, 2019. … Looking for Alaska (miniseries)

Looking for Alaska
Based onLooking for Alaska by John Green

Is Looking for Alaska inappropriate?


John Green’s Looking for Alaska has been named the most challenged book of 2015 (challenge meaning someone requested to have the book removed from a school or library) in a survey by an American Library Association. Most complaints were for “offensive language” and “sexually explicit descriptions”.

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