What happened with vanessa hudgens and zac efron

Efron and Hudgens break up. “They are 100 percent still good friends,” a source tells People at the time. Hudgens confirms this, telling …

What happened to Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens relationship?


Zac, 33, and Vanessa met in 2005 on the set of the Disney Channel movie High School Musical, in which they played couple Troy and Gabriella. They went on to reprise their roles in two sequels. The two dated for about four years before breaking up in 2010.

Is Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens still friends?


As for whether Hudgens and Efron still keep in touch, Hudgens told Access Hollywood in 2017 that the answer is “no.” “That’s not… not a thing that happens,” she said. When asked again if they talk much, Hudgens reiterated, “No, I completely lost contact with him.”

Who is Vanessa Hudgens husband?

Personal life. Hudgens was in a relationship with her High School Musical co-star Zac Efron from 2005 to 2010, and with actor Austin Butler from 2011 to 2020. In 2021, Hudgens confirmed via Instagram that she was in a relationship with Major League Baseball shortstop Cole Tucker.

Did Vanessa Hudgens have a baby?

Is Vanessa Hudgens in a relationship?

However, both have since moved on: Hudgens is dating Cole Tucker, with the High School Musical star and the baseball player making their relationship Instagram official in February 2021, and Butler has been linked to Kaia Gerber.

Is Vanessa Hudgens a twin?

Does Vanessa Hudgens have a twin? While watching The Princess Switch franchise, viewers will see Vanessa in doubles and sometimes even triples! Because of this, some fans wonder if Vanessa actually has a twin sister in real life. In reality, she does not.

Did Ashley Tisdale and Zac Efron date?


He’s my brother/best friend!!!" But despite the smooching photo and piggyback rides, this duo isn’t romantically involved. A source close to the costars claims that feelings are strictly platonic between the two. "They are good friends and have been for years. Ashley is dating Scott Speer.

Are Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens friends?


They Are BFF’s For Life. Ever since they met on set when they were younger, Tisdale and Hudgens were inseparable. They worked on a huge franchise together, and although they are working on their own projects now, the two BFF’s will always be there to support one another.

Does Vanessa Hudgens have a tattoo?


Vanessa Hudgens has at least 2 known tattoos: butterfly on her neck. om on the side of her hand.

Who is Vanessa Hudgens twin sister?


Her little sister, and style twin/moon sister, Stella accompanied the actress formerly known as Baby V on the VMAs red carpet, and the Hudgens sisters were bringing the flames to the Los Angeles heat.

Who does Vanessa Hudgens date?


Cole Bryson Tucker

Cole Bryson Tucker, 25, is a player for pro U.S. baseball team the Pittsburgh Pirates. He made his Major League Baseball debut in 2019, and currently plays as a shortstop and an outfielder for the team.

Why Zac Efron is not in HSM concert?

Zac Efron was the only original cast member absent from the tour due to his previous engagement to the filming of the 2007 film adaptation of the Broadway musical Hairspray. Instead, Drew Seeley, Efron’s singing voice in the first film and co-writer of "Get’cha Head in the Game", joined the tour in Efron’s place.

Who is Vanessa Valladares?

Australian model Vanessa Valladares. She reportedly met the 33-year-old High School Musical alum in the country while waitressing. The two soon sparked romance rumors and last September, E! News confirmed they were dating.

Is Zac Efron still acting?

Zac Efron sparked drama among “High School Musical” fans when he skipped out on a pandemic cast reunion in April 2020, but the actor now tells E! News that he’s more than eager to show up whenever there’s a film reboot.

Did Austin Butler date Vanessa Hudgens?


Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler dated for over eight years before they called it quits in 2020. The actors were first linked in 2011, and went on to share plenty of sweet moments throughout their romance, including joint red carpet appearances, Coachella weekends and romantic vacations.

Who has Kaia Gerber dated?

Us Weekly later confirmed in December 2021 that Gerber, who has previously been linked to Pete Davidson and Jacob Elordi, had started “low-key dating” Austin Butler.

Are Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens still friends?


From all of the iconic moments at the 2022 SAG Awards, Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens’ reunion is definitely up there! The two Disney stars have a long-standing friendship and seeing them come face-to-face to catch up backstage at the awards show has sent fans into a very nostalgic meltdown.

Are Corbin Bleu and Zac Efron still friends?


Corbin Bleu can always count on his good friend Zac Efron for support. Bleu stopped by the PEOPLE Now studios on Monday, where he dished on his mini High School Musical reunion with Efron at his Holiday Inn Musical Broadway show. “It was so good to have him come,” he said.

Are Ashley Tisdale and Selena Gomez friends?

Ashley Tisdale is not letting anyone shade her Disney Channel fam. The High School Musical star slammed The Good Fight’s joke about her friend Selena Gomez in a scathing Instagram Story.

Did Zac Efron get his tattoo removed?

The first was from 2011 when fans noticed "YOLO" (which stands for "You Only Live Once") tattooed on his right hand. The ink reportedly held no significant meaning to him; he just wanted it, which explains its short-lived lifespan. Sometime around 2014, he had it removed.

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