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9 Cheugy Fashion Trends You’ve Probably Tried ; Skinny Jeans. clothing apparel footwear person human shoe ; Double-G Gucci Belts. clothing apparel …

What items are considered cheugy?

  1. 2021 was certainly the year of cheugy, with Gen Z taking virtually every opportunity to destroy the confidence of millennials by declaring that all of their favorite trends are tacky and out of style.
  2. Side parts. …
  3. Skinny jeans. …
  4. Blonde hair. …
  5. Rae Dunn pottery and farmhouse decor. …
  6. Pumpkin spice lattes. …
  7. Graphic tees. …
  8. Gucci belts.

What does cheugy mean in fashion?

The term is said to describe the “millennial girl-boss aesthetic.” More broadly, it represents anything that used to be cool and trendy but is now not.

Why is it called cheugy?

According to an April 2021 article in The New York Times written by Taylor Lorenz, the term cheugy was coined in 2013 by Gaby Rasson, a Beverly Hills High School student, who used it to describe "people who were slightly off trend"; an Urban Dictionary definition appeared in 2018.

What are cheugy jeans?


For those who don’t know, "cheugy" (pronounced chew-ghee) refers to outdated trends (i.e., skinny jeans and side parts) that mark the non-trendy way.

Is Tiffany a cheugy?

Credit: Tiffany & Co. Tiffany & Co. may make classic sought-after engagement rings, but the brand’s heart tag bracelets (especially those with the toggle clasp) are undeniably cheugy.

Is Gucci a cheugy?

While you’re clearing out all your chevron and tucking away your Golden Goose sneakers for another day, you might also want to reconsider your Gucci double "G" belt. While this one might hurt because of its hefty price tag, several outlets and TikTokers now regard this belt as totally cheugy.

What does cheugy look like?


It’s essentially about being interested in things that were cool or on trend a few years ago. Like the obsession with prosecco or still reposting all the birthday shoutouts you get on Instagram. The most obvious cheugy things are a love of Disney, Starbucks personalised refillable cups and the phrase “this one”.

Is Burberry a cheugy?

Burberry can be incredibly classy. These cheugy Burberry print tops, however are not. If you’re a sucker for the plaid print, try this Burberry scarf instead. The color adds a unique twist to the original design.

Is Balayage a cheugy?


As if the middle versus side part debate wasn’t enough, Gen Z is clapping back at Millennials’ beauty / fashion trends, keeping everyone informed that blonde hair is officially “cheugy” and being an “expensive brunette” is in (sorry to every Millennial out there who has been embracing the blonde balayage).

Are Tory Burch sandals cheugy?

Everyone owned Tory Burch sandals in the 2010s. It’s hard to remember a summer vacation where you couldn’t find a pair sitting next to someone’s poolside lounge chair, and that’s exactly what make’s them cheugy.

Is Pandora a cheugy?

Think knee-high boots, framed cursive text saying “Live, Laugh, Love” and corny Instagram captions, like “Wine flies when you’re having fun”. Pandora jewellery, bath bombs, Pinterest, BuzzFeed, Harry Potter quotes and Starbucks are cheugy.

How do you know if you’re a cheugy?

Are You Cheugy? Here Are 15 Signs To Find Out If You’re Cheugy

  1. #1: You have a side part. …
  2. #2: You’re all about that wine life. …
  3. #3: You wear Birkenstocks on the daily. …
  4. #4: Your Instagram feed is overly put together. …
  5. #5: You wear matte liquid lipstick.

Do people still use cheugy?

Cheugy is becoming as widespread as the creators intended, but its use is mostly being fueled by backlash. While some see “cheugy” as a value-neutral word that describes the “married at 20” aesthetic, others see it as a reductive, dismissive, or even offensive grouping of people for simply liking what they like.

Is Lulu a cheugy?

You know cheugy when you see it, but now that cheugy has spread beyond the TikTok universe, one woman who helped popularize it — Hallie Cain — regrets her actions. And in a surprise twist, it was the realization that Lululemon is cheugy (so cheugy!

Why are skinny jeans cheugy?

According to the New York Times, the term "cheugy" was first developed in 2013 to describe out of date clothing trends. The word went viral in 2021, and maintained the original meaning, as well as describing people who try a little bit too hard to be cool.

Are Uggs cheugy?

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the word “cheugy” has been used on a massive scale this summer to describe anything mildly outdated or out of style. This applies to Ugg boots, graphic tees with cheesy sayings on them, and—dare I say it—skinny jeans.

What’s the difference between cheugy and basic?


It’s not quite “basic,” which can describe someone who is a conformist or perhaps generic in their tastes, and it’s not quite “uncool.” It’s not embarrassing or even always negative. Cheugy (pronounced chew-gee) can be used, broadly, to describe someone who is out of date or trying too hard.

How do you pronounce cheugy?

Is Birkenstock a cheugy?

Cheugy. Cruise ships?, “Cheug-mobiles,” says cheuglife. Of note, Levi’s, Birkenstocks, thrifting, and crafting your clothes made it through the cheug wars unscathed, earning the designation of “decidedly un-cheugy.”

Does marble print cheugy?

Interiors choices that are now cheugy: Tribal print. Chevron. Marble décor. Pampas grass.

What does cheugy mean TikTok?

“Cheugy” refers to “a person who currently follows out of date trends usually stemming from things that were popular in middle school & high school,” according to the Instagram page cheuglife. (That’s Gen Z’s middle and high school, not millennials’.)

Are fedoras cheugy?

To the uninitiated, “cheugy” is a new Gen-Z creation – a term to describe people (typically millennials) who are a little lame. They wear just out-of-style fashion trends; they like Starbucks, fedoras, and anything where a brand’s label is on display.

What do you wear with a Burberry scarf?

Is Burberry scarf unisex?

When someone refers to a Burberry scarf, they’re usually referring to the Classic Check Cashmere Scarf in Archive Beige, which is a unisex style.

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