What is fraxel

Fraxel lasers can resurface the skin to get rid of hyperpigmentation, acne scars, and wrinkles. A dermatologist explains process, cost, …

What is a Fraxel laser good for?

The Fraxel laser treatments work by manipulating laser rays to produce the growth of healthy skin tissue that replaces the damaged cells of acne-scarred skin. Fraxel laser treatments are a treatment option for anyone experiencing mild to medium-depth acne scars.

Does Fraxel hurt?

The ‘new’ Fraxel is not painful for most patients; a mild prickling sensation can be felt. We ensure patients are comfortable by applying a topical anaesthetic cream before the treatment and the machine now comes with a Zimmer device, which blows chilled air on the skin as the laser works, distracting nerve endings.

Is Fraxel the same as fractional laser?

Fractional CO2 laser treatment is different from Fraxel in that it removes the entire top layer of skin tissue as opposed to targeting specific areas. Like Fraxel, fractional CO2 can also reduce the appearance of dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles, and any other aging concerns.

Can Fraxel make skin worse?

Answer: Fraxel can temporarily make acne worse but in long run it makes it better.

Does Fraxel work for under eye wrinkles?

Wrinkles, fine lines, and dark circles under the eyes are all normal signs of aging, but modern cosmetic treatments are making it simpler than ever to reverse skin aging in the under eye area. In particular, the Fraxel laser can be used as a non-invasive treatment to smooth and brighten the skin under your eyes.

How often should I do Fraxel?

If you’re trying to get rid of wrinkles or acne scarring, it’s three to five sessions. For both acne and wrinkles, it’s recommended to space out sessions four weeks apart. For photo damage, you space out sessions six to eight weeks apart.

How long does it take for Fraxel to heal?


Q: How does recovery factor in to scheduling? Fraxel Dual requires four to five days of downtime during which pigment rises to the surface of the skin, and itching, flaking and dryness is common.

Which is better CO2 or Fraxel?

Fraxel™ laser¨: Either laser can be used to treat acne scars, wrinkles, sun damage, or texture. But Fractional CO2 is our first choice for sun damage, wrinkles, and texture while the Fraxel laser is our first choice for acne scars. These choices are purely based on which laser is more effective for each condition.

Does Fraxel reduce pore size?


Fractional laser such as Fraxel can reduce pore size by up to 70%, however 2-3 treatments are required. This is best for patients of lighter skin type.

What are the risks Fraxel laser?


  1. Redness, swelling, itching and pain. Treated skin may swell, itch or have a burning sensation. …
  2. Acne. Applying thick creams and bandages to your face after treatment can worsen acne or cause you to temporarily develop tiny white bumps (milia) on treated skin.
  3. Infection. …
  4. Changes in skin color. …
  5. Scarring.

Does Fraxel help sagging skin?

Fraxel Repair uses carbon dioxide laser beams, which not only minimize wrinkles and discolorations, but also have the ability to tighten skin. This is why it is a smart choice for sagging neck skin.

What is the best laser for face tightening?

IPL. When it comes to the best laser skin tightening treatment, Thermage and IPL are both excellent options that can provide for firmer, younger looking skin with little to no side effects and zero recovery time.

How long is face red after Fraxel?

Most patients complete this process 5 – 7 days after a treatment on the face. (On off-face areas, such as hands/arms, where healing is slower, the process may take up to 2 weeks.) redness resolves during the first week after treatment, but a rosy “glow” can remain for several weeks.

Can I wear makeup after Fraxel?

If desired, make-up can be applied beginning 5 days after the procedure. Skin Care Products and Sunscreens o All of your skin care products should be non-irritating and non-clogging for a few weeks after laser treatment.

Which is better microneedling or fractional laser?

Laser treatments can often provide quicker, more dramatic and long lasting results than microneedling treatments. Because lasers deliver heat to the skin we see more side effects (such as temporary darkening or bruising) and longer downtime due to post-treatment swelling and redness.

How long does peeling last after Fraxel?

Typically, after about 4 days, the peeling is done and there still is mild swelling. The skin is intact. Some of my patients go in public throughout their recovery, it depends on your comfort with the recovery process. I would say it would be unusual for the downtime to be 2 weeks though.

What is a Madonna eye lift?


The Madonna Eye Lift is a fractional CO2 laser resurfacing all around the eye, including eyelids. At Renew, we perform this procedure with the DEKA SmartXide DOT laser. The Madonna Eye Lift helps lift and tighten the skin around the eyes by improving the texture and laxity in the tissue.

Can you use vitamin C serum after Fraxel?

AFTER THE TREATMENT. During the healing process (5-7 days), AVOID ACTIVE PRODUCTS as they may cause irritation to the treated area. This includes all of the following: any form of retinol, hydroquinone, salicylic/glycolic/lactic acid, vitamin C, or Benzoyl Peroxide.

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