Where to place vinyl on shirt

One of the main questions about working with Heat Transfer Vinyl is how to know where to place the decal on a shirt.


How do you know where to put vinyl on a shirt?

How far down do you put vinyl on a shirt?


In general- adult sized shirt designs should be between 11 and 14 inches. For kids sized shirts, you only need between 5.5 and 9 inches.

Where should HTV be placed on a shirt?

How to Find the Center of a Shirt for HTV Placement. The easiest and fastest way to find the center of a shirt is to fold the shirt lengthwise lining up the shoulder seams at the neck. Be sure the bottom hem is aligned too.) Press the shirt with an iron or heat press.

How far down do you put a design on a shirt?

Use a tape measure and measure 2” to 3.5” down from the collar on the front or back of the shirt. The idea is for the design to be printed on the intersection of the center line of the tee and the chest line. This will give you perfect placement on your custom shirts every time!

Where do you put a Cricut design on a shirt?

For adults, measure down 3" from the neckline along that vertical crease and that’s where the top of the decal should begin. For kids, which is what I was working on in this example, I start a little higher, usually at about 2" below the neckline.

How far down on back of shirt for name?

Designs placed on the back of shirts should be approximately 5” from the collar and centered between the left and right seams. This option for logo placement is best for maximum exposure. Due to this part of the shirt, it has the largest real estate for your brand’s design.

Where does vinyl go on left chest?

How Big Should design be on front of shirt?


Full front: The full front option has a standard size of 12”x16”, and it works best for more casual designs, usually for personal expression. Back collar: This is a much lesser used option and is quite small, measuring around 2” to 3” width times your preferred height.

Where does design go on left chest?


Design Placement Tips

  1. Jackets – Left Chest. 3.5" to 4" from center’s edge and 6" to 8" from the seam of the left shoulder.
  2. Polo Shirts. 7.5" to 9" from the shoulder’s left seam and 4" to 6" from the center, in line with the collar meeting the shoulder seam.
  3. Sweatshirts.

How do you align heat transfers?

How do you find the center of an iron on shirt?

Where do I put my logo on a shirt?

Where to place a design on the front of a sweatshirt?

How do you align a vinyl shirt?

Where do you put decals on XL shirt?

How to place and size Siser HTV on your t-shirt

  1. FRONT (Square Design) Create a center line and measure down 5 cm from the neckline along the vertical crease. …
  2. ACROSS CHEST (Horizontal Design) …

How much space is between name and back of jersey?


The player’s name, which must be positioned at least 4 cm above the number on the back of the shirt, must be between 5 cm and 7.5 cm.

Do I mirror iron on vinyl?


First, whenever you cut ANY and ALL iron-on or heat transfer vinyl, regardless of the type or brand, you must always mirror (flip) your design before cutting. Mirroring means to FLIP your design prior to cutting so it appear backward (mirror image) from what it should look like when you’ve finished your project.

How far down should a chest logo be?


around 3″ down

Left Chest The classic, and the go-to location for your logo when you’re providing shirts for employees, or staff for an event, or anything really. The size is tasteful; typically 3” to 4” wide, and around 3″ down from the collar. Placement can adjust to correspond with the size of the shirt, so it always looks right.

Where do you put the breast logo on a shirt?


Most logos are left chest aligned allowing for a name, or a name patch to be placed on the right of the persons chest. The inside edge of the collar is used as a vertical center line for aligning the logo or design. The bottom of the logo is typically no lower than the bottom of the placket of the polo.

What size t-shirt is most popular?


When you look at the numbers, large is the most common shirt size. In fact, it accounts for about 30 percent of shirt sales. Coming in at 28 percent, the size medium is a close runner-up and extra large is next at 20 percent. The percentages are much lower for smaller and larger sizes.

How do you put HTV on front and back of shirt?

How big should a logo be on the left side of a shirt?

Recommended Sizes For Left Chest Logo Prints These standard sizes are: 3.5″ X 3.5″ for adult shirt sizes. 3″ x 3″ for youth shirt sizes. 3″ x 3″ for a left chest logo design meant to go on a pocket.

How big should a logo be on a shirt left chest?

Left Chest Print (Pocket Logo) Typically, a good size for a chest print is between 3 and 4 inches wide. If you the wide end of the sheet of paper in half again, you get a 4.25” space, giving you a good visualization of how large your 4” graphic can look.

Although some left chest logos are smaller, it is recommended that these logos shouldn’t be bigger than 4 to 5 inches.

How do I make sure my shirt is straight on heat press?

Should I wash my shirt before applying HTV?

How do you center something on a shirt?

Should the logo be on the left or right?


A logo placed on the right will get fewer visual gazes, which results in weaker brand recall. Placing your logo on the left gives it more visual gazes, which allows more users to remember your brand.

Your logo should be in the upper left corner of websites, social media, and anything with text and images. Studies show top-left placement is the most effective for brand recall. Think about the way you interact with signs.

How do you display a logo on a shirt?

How far down should a design go on a hoodie?

Remember to take the hood of your sweatshirt into consideration when decorating the back of the sweatshirt. Your design should remain visible even when the hood is down, start by placing your design 6" down from the neckline.

Where do you put the logo on the front of a sweatshirt?

Three logo placement locations are available for sweatshirts and hoodies. In most situations, the larger sized sweatshirt insignia is embroidered 7 to 9 inches along the shoulder seam in the center of the front or back of the hoodies.

Where do you put vinyl on a hoodie?

How do you center vinyl?

Is it shiny side down for iron on vinyl?


Tip 2: Cut with the Carrier Side Down and the Adhesive Side Up. When working with heat transfer vinyl, the shiny side of the material always goes face down for cutting.

What does 00 mean on a jersey?

0 isn’t wearing a number at all. (And “00” would be doubly controversial.) In sports, players wearing “0” or “00” are uncommon. Most teams won’t assign those numbers. Players usually have to request them, perhaps thinking that “0” or “00” will distinguish them and make them stand out.

How big should name be on back of jersey?

Common Letter and Number Sizes

Youth SizeAdult Size
Front Number3″4″
Back Number6″8″

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