Who is andy’s father in pieces of her

In the Season 1 finale, Laura finally confesses to Andy that her real father is none other than Nick Harp. The fugitive and former extremist …

Who is the father Pieces of Her?

Nick and Jane’s brother, Andrew (Nicholas Burton), were both out to get Jane’s father, Martin (Terry O’Quinn), for his crimes, one, in particular, was Martin Queller’s pharmaceutical company that released medications that went on to cause deaths.

Is Nick Andrea’s dad Pieces of Her?

Andy discovers that the stories about her birth father, who supposedly died in a car crash before Laura met Gordon, are all false. Her father is Nick, and her unassuming mother is actually Jane Queller: a former concert pianist who disappeared and started a new life after her father, Martin’s, death.

What is the secret in Pieces of Her?


Laura was revealed to be afraid of Nick finding her new whereabouts, especially as he knew her secret: that she was actually part of the plan to assassinate her father, along with her brother with the Army For The Changing World.

Who is Nick Harp in Pieces of Her?

Joe Dempsie as Nick Harp Charismatic cult leader Nick is played by British actor Joe Dempsie. After his first big break as slacker Chris on the first two seasons of Skins, he went on to play Arya’s friend Gendry, a.k.a. King Baratheon’s illegitimate son, on several seasons of Game of Thrones.

Who is the stepdad in Pieces of Her?

Terry O’Quinn

Terry O’Quinn is best known for playing John Locke in Lost and for playing the titular role in The Stepfather. He has since appeared in The X-Files, The West Wing, Alias, Hawaii Five-0, Falling Skies, Patriot and FBI: Most Wanted.

Who is Grace Juno Pieces of Her?

Catherine McClements

Pieces of Her (TV Series 2022– ) – Catherine McClements as Grace Juno – IMDb.

Who is Andy’s mom in Pieces of Her?


The new Netflix series, Pieces of Her, follows Laura (Toni Collette, who recently starred in the highly rated Nightmare Alley) and her daughter Andy (Bella Heathcote, who appeared in the Fifty Shades Darker cast) on a dangerous journey after Laura violently killed a man who opened fire in the restaurant where they were …

Who is Alex maplecroft Pieces of Her?

AlexandriaMaplecroftThe tool for fascist regime who has been kidnapped.
LauraJuneauA woman who killed Martin Queller.
LeeLacoccaA senior executive from the Chrysler.
NicholasHarpLeader of revolutionary group. Aka: Nickel, Clayton Morrow.

Who was the mole in Pieces of Her?

So, Laura didn’t really exist but was a fake identity under which Jane lived for some 28 years to protect herself from her own lover and Andy’s father, Nick Harp.

Did Jane’s father abuse her in Pieces Of Her?

On the show, young Jane is tormented by Martin’s emotional abuse and controlling behavior, but he doesn’t touch her inappropriately. Yet in a chilling scene, he gives her a drink with some drugs while she’s pregnant, presumably to make her lose the baby.

Why is Andy in witness protection?

Jane decides to go to the police after Nick beats her and allows Andrew to die without medical attention. She is placed in the Witness Protection Program under the supervision of Charlie Bass. Jane is given a new identity, told she cannot play the piano ever again and must keep a low profile.

Who killed Jane’s dad in Pieces Of Her?

Eventually, Laura’s past is revealed, as Andy discovers the duo are actually part of a witness protection programme. In short, she finds out her dad Nick Harp headed up the Army of the Changing World extremist group, who killed Laura/Jane’s father more than 30 years earlier.

What was Nick and Jaspers side deal?

Afterwards, Nick called her on the phone she’d taken from the pocket of his man, and offered a deal: she would give him the tape, which he could use to blackmail Jasper into getting him a pardon, if he agreed to leave her and Andy alone.

What did Nick do to Jane?

Nick refuses and physically attacks Jane, who’s secretly pregnant at the time. After hitting him over the back of the head with the butt of a gun, Jane manages to get Andrew to the ER, but her brother dies shortly after they arrive.

Is Jasper queller Jane’s brother?


A businessman, he is equally as powerful and wealthy as his father Martin Queller. He is the heir apparent to pharmaceutical company his father built. Two of his siblings (Andrew and Jane) joined the extremist political group known as the army of the changing world.

Who is Jane queller Pieces of Her?

Who is Laura? Laura Oliver is actually Jane Queller, the daughter of a pharmaceutical mogul Martin Queller who has been in witness protection with Andy for over 30 years.

Who is Toni Collette’s husband?


Collette married Dave Galafassi, drummer of the band Gelbison, in January 2003. The couple have two children together. As the lead singer of Toni Collette & the Finish, she wrote all 11 tracks of their sole album, Beautiful Awkward Pictures (2006).

Who was Paula Kunde?


Who is Paula Kunde? Paula Kunde turns out to be…well, not that important. Paula was a member of the Army of the Changing World and ended up getting sentenced to 80 years in prison for her involvement in Martin Queller and Alex Mapecrofts’ murders, despite not killing either of them.

Who is Nick Harp?


After all, the Netflix series reveals that the man who calls himself Nick Harp is actually an unnamed guy who (Don Draper-style) stole the identity of a dead man—in this case, someone who had died of an overdose four years prior to when the Queller family meet the man calling himself Nick.

What’s wrong with the mom in Pieces of Her?

She’s been back in town to take care of her mom Laura (Toni Collette) who had a cancer diagnosis but is now doing fine.

Is Pieces of Her based on true story?

So no, Pieces Of Her is not based on a true story. But it is based on the book of the same name by Karin Slaughter that came out in 2018. Not long after her book came out, Netflix announced it was developing a limited series based on the New York Times bestselling novel.

Who killed Charlie in Pieces of Her?

Nick Harp crashes his car into Charlie’s in an attempt to kidnap his own daughter Andy. Only later in the finale is it revealed that Charlie died in that car crash. Poor Charlie doesn’t receive any real send-off and is reduced to one line of dialogue.

Was Charlie in the book Pieces of Her?

Charlie Was Not In The Book, As It Took Place Almost Entirely From Andy’s Perspective. U.S. Marshal Charlie (Gil Birmingham, whom you may recognize as Thomas Rainwater from the Yellowstone cast) was not a character in the Pieces of Her book.

Did Jane’s dad cause the plane crash?

Cause of crash The incident was due to air-traffic controller error, the man responsible being Donald Margolis. Donald, still grief-stricken over the recent death of his daughter, Jane Margolis, failed to direct the charter plane JM21 out of the path of Wayfarer 515 ("ABQ").

Did Michael choke Andy in Pieces Of Her?

For now, Andy and Michael are forced to share a room. Both of them are pretty cagey, with Andy refusing to open up. In the middle of the night, Michael phones his contact, revealing that Andy is still asleep and asking what to do. When he returns, a strange guy shows up and begins choking Andy out.

Who Chokes Andy in Pieces Of Her?

Her captor, Charlie Bass, has gone from the good guy to the bad guy and now back to the good guy again. It’s a confusing dance that the writers pitch as a tense plot device, but one that actually alienates the audience, detaching them from the story.

What did Andy’s mom do in Pieces of Her?

Jane is terrified of Nick finding her, and the ending finally reveals why. He isn’t after her money — he’s after a tape. In a flashback, Jane steals a tape recording of Nick and Jane’s brother Jasper (David Wenham) making a deal. It turns out Jasper knew about the plot in Oslo.

How does book pieces of her end?


In the Pieces of Her book ending, Jane is working with the police to get Nick to confess to his crimes. This comes after Andy is instead held hostage by Paula Kunde, another member of Nick’s cult and a woman so devoted to him that she’s come up with a high-risk plan to keep him out of jail.

Did Toni Collette find out who her grandfather was?

On the show Who Do You Think You Are? (2008), Toni discovered that her biological paternal grandfather was likely an American serviceman with whom her grandmother, Norma Ruby (McWhinney), had had a relationship, while ending her marriage to Toni’s legal grandfather, Harold Stanley Collett.

What is Toni Collette’s real name?


How old is Toni Collette?


Who is Jane queller?

Jane Queller, also known as Laura Oliver while in her witness protection program is a character portrayed by Toni Collette in Netflix’s Pieces of Her.

What is the mom in Pieces of Her?


Aimless 30-year-old Andy Oliver (Bella Heathcoate), who shelved her New York dreams to return to small-town Georgia to nurse her mother, Laura Oliver (Toni Collette), through breast cancer, appears at first to have the usual issues.

What happened to Betsy in Pieces of Her?

With one fatal shot, Shelley falls to the ground. Her mother dives to her side, holding her dying daughter in her arms. The gunman doesn’t hesitate in shooting Betsy dead either. Both mother and daughter are shot twice, dying quickly.

Who is Charlie to Laura in Pieces of Her?


Gil Birmingham as Charlie Bass “Yellowstone” star Gil Birmingham plays Charlie Bass, Laura’s longtime family friend who helped raise Andy. However, after Andy learns everything she thought she knew about her mother was a lie, she begins to question how much she can trust him.

What was Jane’s dad’s job?


Jane’s father Donald causes 167 people to die Donald is an air traffic controller by profession. After his daughter’s death, he’s understandably distraught but goes to work anyway.

Was there a real Walter White?

As it would seem, the existence of real-life meth dealers named Walter White is purely coincidental. So far, none have gotten into the business over a diagnosis of terminal illness, though others (not named Walter White) were chemists and/or teachers.

Why does Walter burn the money?


Feeling guilty after the air crash that ended season two, Walt hastily begins to burn his money on the barbecue. When he changes his mind, he literally sets himself on fire before dumping himself and the money into the pool. In her role as money launderer, Skyler must bear the burden of all these bills.

Why did Nick change in Pieces of Her?


Nick Harp, leader of anarchist group Army Of The Changing World and current fugitive was also Jane’s first love – and Andy’s father. He’s the reason Jane changed her name – she turned herself in to the police in exchange for a plea deal after Nick hatched a plan to murder Martin live on stage at a global summit.

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