Who is emma roberts mother

Emma Roberts ; 1 · Eric Roberts (father) · Julia Roberts (aunt) · Full list …


Is Emma Roberts related to Julia Roberts?


The actress shared a clip of herself and her niece celebrating together. Julia Roberts shared a birthday video for her niece, Emma Roberts.

Who is Emma Roberts biological mother?

Kelly Cunningham

Roberts was born on February 10, 1991 in Rhinebeck, New York, to Kelly Cunningham and actor Eric Roberts. Her parents divorced when she was seven months old.

Is Emma Roberts related to Emma Watson?

As the Harry Potter reunion special premiered last week, fans pointed out that the cute kid wearing Minnie Mouse ears is actually actor Julia Robert’s niece Emma Roberts and not Emma Watson. The Holidate actor had originally shared the photo almost a decade ago in 2012.

Why did Emma Roberts block her mom?


Emma Roberts temporarily blocked her mother, Kelly Cunningham, on social media after she unwittingly "spilled the beans" about her daughter’s pregnancy. The 29-year-old actress is expecting her first child with her boyfriend Garrett Hedlund and said she was planning on keeping the news under wraps.

Does Emma Roberts have a child?


"The best," Roberts wrote in the caption. She and Garrett Hedlund, 37, whom she began dating in March 2019, welcomed Rhodes, their first child, in December 2020 before sharing the baby’s first photo and his name in January. "Thank you 2020 for getting one thing right," she wrote on Instagram at the time.

Does Emma Roberts have a sister?


Are Julia Roberts and Monica Potter related?


Her mannerisms, voice, and eyes remind us of Julia Roberts. Are they related? The two aren’t related. Potter, 30, was raised in Cleveland, Ohio, which she still calls home.

Who is Eric Roberts daughter?


Roberts has a daughter, Emma Roberts, from a live-in relationship with Kelly Cunningham; Emma was born on February 10, 1991. She eventually became an actress as well, making her major-film debut at age 10 in the 2001 drama Blow.

Do Julia Roberts and Eric Roberts have the same parents?


Eric Roberts The first child of the family, Julia’s older brother was born on April 18, 1956, to their parents, mom Betty Lou Bredemus and dad Walter Grady Roberts. The former couple raised Eric, Lisa and Julia together before ending their marriage after 17 years in 1972.

Who is Emma Roberts father?


Does Emma Roberts have siblings?


Emma Roberts/Siblings

Why did Roberts and Hedlund break up?

According to the insider, the 31-year-old actress “gave him multiple ultimatums” before pulling the plug on their romance earlier this year. “They have a very amicable relationship with each other and are being very adult about their breakup,” the source adds.

Who is Emma Roberts spouse?

Roberts was previously engaged to actor Evan Peters, whom she dated from 2012 to 2019, and Hedlund was also briefly engaged to Kirsten Dunst, whom he dated from 2012 to 2016.

Are Julia Roberts and Eric Roberts related?

Eric and Julia Roberts are a brother-and-sister act that is unique in the world of acting. They are only the third brother-and-sister act to be both nominated for Oscars for acting. Eric was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his 1985 role in Runaway Train.

Is Emma Roberts related to Eric Roberts?

Emma is the daughter of Oscar-nominated actor Eric Roberts, and the niece of Oscar-winner Julia Roberts. As a child she spent some time on the sets of movies with her aunt Julia. This helped Emma decide that she wanted to follow a career in acting.

Is Monica Potter related to Chris Potter?

Monica Gregg Potter (née Brokaw; born June 30, 1971) is an American actress. …

Monica Potter
Years active1993–present
Spouse(s)Tom Potter ​ ​ ( m. 1990; div. 1998)​ Daniel Christopher Allison ​ ​ ( m. 2005; sep. 2018)​

Was Emma Roberts in Harry Potter?

Is Julia Roberts and Kyra Sedgwick related?


“Is Julia Roberts related to Kyra Sedgwick?” pops up in the search engine’s auto-complete. Roberts explained that no, the two are not related, but she did speak about their time playing sisters on set. She noted that they also shared fictional parents played by Robert Duvall and Gena Rowland.

Does Julia Roberts have a brother who is an actor?


Is Emma Watson married to Tom Felton?

Not officially—both Felton and Watson have confirmed they never dated while they filmed the Harry Potter films.

Does Emma Watson have a twin?


Emma Watson with her twin sisters, Lucy and Nina.

Does Emma Watson have a sister?


Emma Watson/Sisters

Who are Emma Watson’s parents?


Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson was born on 15 April 1990 in Paris, to English lawyers Chris Watson and Jacqueline Luesby.

Who is Tom Felton engaged to?

No, Tom has never been married. Tom Felton was in a relationship with Jade Olivia Gordon for eight years – from 2008 to 2016.

Is Emma Watson French?


Emma Watson, in full Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson, (born April 15, 1990, Paris, France), British actress and activist who was perhaps best known for playing the young wizard Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films. She also garnered attention as a spokesperson for women’s equality.

Is Evan Peters the father of Emma Roberts baby?

The duo were first linked in 2019, after the actress broke up with her on-and-off boyfriend Evan Peters. In June 2020, news of Emma’s pregnancy broke, though the actress confirmed the news in August. In late 2020, Emma Roberts and Garrett Hedlund welcomed their baby boy, whom they named Rhodes Robert Hedlund.

Why did Garrett and Emma split?


Emma Roberts and Garrett Hedlund recently split after almost three years together, and a source says that Emma gave her ex multiple ultimatums before they parted ways.

Why did Emma Roberts leave Garrett Hedlund?

A source tells ET that Roberts, who shares 1-year-old son Rhodes with Hedlund, has been "dating and doing her own thing." "Emma and Garrett are totally done romantically and Emma has been dating and doing her own thing," the source shared. "Emma loves being a mom and she takes great pride in it."

Who is the hardest working actor?


Hollywood’s Hardest Working Actor Is Eric Roberts With 391 acting credits in the last ten years alone, Roberts is the most prolific actor working today.

Does Julia Roberts have a twin?


Julia Roberts’ twins are only a year away from adulthood! On Sunday, Roberts, 54, posted an adorable throwback photo on Instagram of her twins: daughter Hazel Patricia and son Phinnaeus "Finn" Walter in celebration of their 17th birthday. Get push notifications with news, features and more.

What did Julia Roberts do to her sister?


Julia Roberts/Sisters

Is Hayden Christensen Italian?

Hayden Christensen was born April 19, 1981 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. His parents, Alie and David Christensen, are in the communications business. He is of Danish (father) and Swedish and Italian (mother) descent.

Does Monica Potter have a daughter?


Why did Monica Potter and her husband divorce?


In court documents obtained by E! News, Monica cites "irreconcilable differences" as the reason behind the split. And while the date of their marriage is listed as February 14, 2007, a date of separation is cited as "TBD." "She is very sad and heartbroken," a source close to the couple shared with People.

How old is Monica Potter?


How old was Emma Watson in the first Harry Potter?


11 years old

At the time, Daniel Radcliffe was 11 years old when he played the titular character, Emma Watson was 10 when she portrayed Hermione Granger, and Rupert Grint was 12 when he started playing Potter’s loyal bestie, Ron Weasley.

Who is Emma Watson related to?


Her parents, both British lawyers, are Jacqueline Luesby and Chris Watson. Her brother, Alex, was born three years later. Her parents divorced when Watson was 5, and she moved back to Oxfordshire in England with her mother and brother.

Was JK Rowling at the Harry Potter reunion?

Now, according to Entertainment Weekly, it has emerged that Rowling was apparently invited to appear on the special, though her team determined that the past footage was adequate. The site also reports that the situation around her trans comments did not factor into the decision.

Does Kyra Sedgwick have a daughter?


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