Who plays fezco grandma

18. Who plays Fez’s grandma in Euphoria? – Kathrine Narducci. Kathrine Narducci plays the younger version of Fezco’s grandma in Euphoria season 2. Fez’s Grandma …

Is Fez Grandma still alive?

Fez’s grandma has been bedridden for years, with him serving as her primary caretaker. In the finale, Maria was briefly seen lying down in her bedroom as a SWAT officer passed by. But with Fez taken away and Ashtray presumably dead, it’s unclear what will happen to her. She might be relocated to a senior home.

Who played Fez grandma in Euphoria Season 2?


Kathrine Narducci

Fez’s grandmother in Season 2, Episode 1 of Euphoria is Kathrine Narducci. Fans of The Sopranos will instantly recognize her as Charmaine Bucco.

Who plays Fezcos mom?

Played by actress Kathrine Narducci, the character made one hell of an impression on viewers. Although it’s unclear what became of Fez’s mom, Marie insists that his father is to blame. Despite Marie’s best efforts, her parenting is questionable, at best.

Why does Fezco live with his grandma?

Fezco’s Grandma’s Backstory on Euphoria In flashbacks, we learn that Fez’s grandmother Marie is the person who both rescued him and sent him down a dark path. When he was a child, she rescued him from his abusive father and took him in (along with an abandoned baby – Ashtray!).

Who snitched on Fez?

“I was excited. I was just ready to work.” The irony of Levinson’s initial trajectory for Cloud is that Fezco once again finds himself narrowly escaping a tragic fate in the season two finale. A betrayal by Custer (Tyler Chase) leads to a SWAT team raid on Fez and adoptive younger brother Ashtray’s (Javon Walton) home.

Why did Fezco Grandma shoot his dad?

When Fez was still a child he was taken by his grandmother Marie O’Neill, a drug dealer, as his father was physically abusive to him, which led Marie to show up in his club one day and shoot him two times in his thighs for giving Fez a black eye.

Who did Fez’s grandma shoot in Euphoria?

One day Marie showed up to Paulie’s club and shot him two times in his thighs, apparently after he hit her grandson and gave him a black eye. She decided to take Fez with her, and raise him solely.

Is ashtray Nate’s brother?

Nate’s Brother Is Ashtray In episode 1 of Euphoria, season 2 it was revealed Ash and Fez were not biologically related but were both raised by Fez’s grandmother (Kathrine Narducci). Ash had been dropped off at her home and his mother and father never returned to collect him.

How old is Ashtray in Euphoria season 2?


The character of Ashtray is played by Javon Walton and the actor is 15-years-old, whereas the character is 14.

Who is the girl living with Fezco?

Chloe Cherry

Faye is a recurring character in the second season of Euphoria. She is portrayed by Chloe Cherry.

What did Faye do to Fez?


In the end, Faye tried to protect Fezco and Ashtray. Custer entered their home in the season 2 finale so the police could secretly listen in. However, when Custer started talking about Mouse, Faye dropped a glass on the floor. While bending down to pick up the pieces, Faye motioned to Fezco not to say anything.

Does Faye have a crush on Fez?

Everyone ships Fezco and Lexi in Euphoria season 2 but what about Faye and Fezco? Chloe Cherry has revealed that Faye is in love with Fezco in Euphoria season 2 and jealous that he loves Lexi instead of her. There’s no denying that Fez and Lexi are Euphoria’s fan favourite couple.

Why did Ashtray leave Euphoria?

Javon Walton on his silent ‘Euphoria’ exit In the episode, Ashtray never speaks, a choice made by Euphoria director Sam Levinson. Walton told Variety, “Honestly, I kind of liked it. But at the same time, I do wish I had more dialogue in certain parts. But I really just was following Sam’s vision.

Is Fezco his real name?

Conor Angus Cloud Hickey (born July 10, 1998) is an American actor best known for his portrayal of Fezco in the HBO television series Euphoria. …

Angus Cloud
Years active2019–present

What’s Fez’s real name Euphoria?

“Euphoria” Star Angus Cloud Opened Up About Fame & Being Recognized in Public. In a new interview, “Euphoria” breakout star Angus Cloud shared how he really feels about being a celebrity and adjusting to fame. Fezco was undoubtedly one of the key players of Euphoria season 2.

How old is Fez in Euphoria in real life?

Fezco is older than the majority of the characters and is around 19 years of age within the story. Angus Cloud, on the other, hand, is one of the younger cast members at 23-years-old. The actor will turn 24 in 2022, which leaves around a five-year age difference with his character.

Why is Nate so angry Euphoria?

Cal was having aggressive sexual encounters with various individuals, mainly young men. It is suggested that this discovery had a great impact on Nate and is potentially the cause of his severe anger issues. Nate also went to extreme lengths to protect his father’s secret.

Is Laurie ash trays mom?


Even if Fez doesn’t know that Laurie is Ashtray’s mother, Laurie may know that Ashtray is her son. In fact, it may be the reason why Laurie is keen to trust Fez in the first place: She knows that Fez took good care of Ashtray, and therefore is willing to deal with someone as young as Fez.

Who is the 3rd kid in Euphoria?

Fans first noticed the third Jacobs sibling in season 1 of Euphoria. The family portrait features three young boys: Nate (Jacob Elordi) when he’s 11-years-old and his older brother Aaron (Zak Steiner). But there’s never an explanation for the third sibling, who appears to be younger than Nate in the photo.

How is ash related to Fez?

In Episode 1, it was revealed that, as a baby, Ash was dropped off at Fez’s grandmother’s (Kathrine Narducci) house, and his birth mother and father never returned. As a result, the tot was raised as Fez’s brother and after his grandmother died, Fez raised Ash alone.

Who plays Faye boyfriend in Euphoria?


Tyler Chase

In season two, episode six, Faye’s drug-dealing boyfriend, Custer (Tyler Chase), shows up and shares some not-so-great news about Fez and Ash with her.

Is Javon and Jaden twins?


Javon and Jaden Walton The teen Euphoria star, who played Ashtray on the first two seasons, has a fraternal twin brother named Jaden.

Are Fez and ash related in real life?


To manage it all, on top of taking care of her and young Ashtray, Fez eventually drops out of school. While fans wait for episode two to drop next week, they have been heavily analysing episode one, and noticed that one of the child actors who played a young Ashtray, is actually Javon Walton’s brother in real life!

Why did Nate catfish Jules?

In season 1, Nate caused a lot of trouble for multiple characters, including Jules, who he catfished as a revenge tactic for sleeping with his dad. At the time, Jules had been keeping her distance from Rue, who had a feeling that what went down between Jules and Nate had something to do with it.

Who bruised Maddy’s neck?

Nate got Tyler to admit to bruising Maddy’s neck, and got Maddy and Jules both to point this out (since Maddy is 17, and says she was blackout drunk during their encounter, and Tyler is 22, Nate’s threat was to turn him in to the police for rape).

Why did McKay get attacked?

One of the biggest issues that viewers are finding with this season is season one’s unresolved storyline involving McKay. In season one, McKay is sexually assaulted and deeply traumatized by members of his frat during a hazing event. Cassie, his girlfriend and a central character, is present when this happens.

Why did Ashtray get killed off?

“But there’s been a few times like that, where Ashtray was supposed to have certain dialogue and Sam just decided to cut it because he likes [that with] Ashtray, there’s a lot of mystery behind him,” he explained.

Did Ashtray shoot Fez?

As for Ash accidentally shooting Fez while firing at the police, Javon revealed that that wasn’t part of the script at first either. Not only that but the entire police raid scene was written just one day before it was filmed.

How did Faye save Fez?

She found a person to share her doubts and secrets with. As Fez was about to leave for the play with a bunch of roses in his hand, Custer wanted to talk with him. He had slyly kept the police on the call and wanted Fez to confess his crime. Faye helped Fez by secretly signaling to keep quiet.

Did Lexi know about Fezco?


All Lexi knows of Fezco’s fate is that he wasn’t able to make it to her play. But while Lexi might not know what Fez wrote in his letter, thanks to Angus Cloud, at least fans now do. In an interview with Variety, Cloud revealed that the letter was “a congratulations.”

What did Custer tell Faye?

Out in the alley, Custer tells Faye the cops have been in touch with him about Mouse’s death (which Ashtray was responsible for), and Faye, seemingly worried, asks him if he’s cooperating with them.

Did Fezco make it to the play?

Fez was adamant on making it to Lexi’s play in Euphoria season 2, episode 7, but his seat stayed empty. What happened that made him miss the show? Fez was adamant on making it to Lexi’s play in Euphoria season 2, episode 7, but his seat stayed empty.

How was Fezco discovered?

In fact, in 2018, he was scouted on the streets of New York City by a casting agent for his role of Fez. At first, he was hesitant about the scouter, thinking she was scamming him, but eventually, he gave it a shot. In doing so, he auditioned for the part, which he ended up landing.

Does Fezco make it to Lexi play?

The play seemed like the perfect setup for an adorable moment, with Fezco watching from the front row with a bouquet of roses. Unfortunately, Fezco never made it to the show. Although Lexi tried to brush off Fezco’s absence, Maude Apatow confirms that it hit her character hard.

Who was CALS biggest regret in Euphoria?

son Nate

Cal Jacobs’s Monologue From "Euphoria" Season 2, Episode 4 One of the most complex lines of his monologue however, is that his son Nate is his biggest regret.

Who is the villain in Euphoria season 2?

Probably no one. But, Season 2 offered something a little different when it came to the series’ antagonists: Laurie (Martha Kelly). Laurie is the successful drug dealer from Euphoria’s second season. She had a strange, unique, and frankly, scary, presence in this season.

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