Who plays jj in outer banks

Rudy Pankow (/ˈpɑːnkoʊ/) is an American actor. He starred as JJ Maybank on the Netflix teen drama series Outer Banks, which currently has 2 seasons out.

Does Rudy Pankow have a gf?

Rudy Pankow is standing up for his girlfriend, Elaine Siemek. The Outer Banks star, 22, defended Siemek on Instagram after she received an onslaught of negative comments online.

How old is JJ from Outer Banks?


JJ is played by 23-year-old Rudy Pankow.

Who is Elaine OBX?


She is a professional photographer, who worked in various short movies and miniseries. As per the sources, she has also worked as an additional crew in the Netflix series ‘Outer Banks’ season 2. According to her official website, she uses SLR and TLR cameras for the perfect shoots.

Is Wheezie a real name?


Seasons. Louisa “Wheezie” Cameron is one of the recurring characters in Outer Banks. She is portrayed by Julia Antonelli.

Does JJ and Kai kiss?


She didn’t return his love for her. For an unexplained reason, she later kisses him, putting the two on the path to a relationship in season 2. But, the pairing wasn’t the ship that took off like a rocket for Kie in the Outer Banks fandom.

Are Kie and JJ dating in real life?


Right now, some reports say Rudy Pankow, who plays JJ, is single. But, he’s actually in a relationship with Elaine Siemek.

Does Sarah get with JJ?


Do John B and Sarah end up together in Outer Banks season 2? The short answer is yes, John B and Sarah do end up together by the end of Outer Banks season 2.

How long is John B in jail for?

As John B states in a voiceover, "The thing about hell is there’s always another one below." After turning himself over to the cops, John B stands trial and is shockingly given the death sentence.

Was JJ falling in Outer Banks scripted?

Rudy Pankow says he improvised JJ’s hot tub scene Pankow revealed to Seventeen that director Valerie Weiss permitted him to improvise during the scene, so he did. “She really wanted me just to go and just to let it all out with the text and dialogue, and if something comes naturally, just to do it.

Is Rose Sarah’s mom OBX?

Right now, Sarah’s main maternal figure is Rose, her stepmother and the naively supportive wife of Ward. As the stepmother of Rafe, Sarah and Wheezie, Rose isn’t particularly doting (and Sarah would agree). She seems more concerned with Ward’s wealth than anything else.

What is Riverdale age rating?


Riverdale Series Age Rating & Content Info The information below is a summary based on data gathered from industry-sponsored series and film classification agencies in various global regions. The Series, Riverdale Age Rating, is TV-14.

Is Kiara a kook?

Seasons. Kiara Carrera is one of the main characters in Outer Banks. She is portrayed by Madison Bailey. She is an athletic hippy chick with a socialist streak, and although she’d loathe to admit it, she’s from a rich family meaning that she is a Kook.

Is Pogue a bad word?

Pogue is American pejorative military slang for non-infantry MOS (military occupational specialty) staff, and other rear-echelon or support units.

What is Rafe a nickname for?


The name Rafe is both a boy’s name and a girl’s name meaning "wolf-counsel". Used almost exclusively in England; would make an equally amiable short form here for Raphael or Rafferty — and could also stand on its own. If you’re looking for boys’ names starting with R, this is one of your cooler choices.

Are Sarah and Wheezie half sisters?

Wheezie Wheezie Cameron is the younger sister of Sarah, the rich girl who, of course, becomes embroiled with the show’s lower-class protagonists. There is no further explanation for her name—this 13-year-old neither breathes with difficulty nor looks like Lil Wayne.

What is rafes full name?

Rafe Cameron

Rafe Cameron is one of the main characters and the secondary antagonist in Outer Banks. He is portrayed by Drew Starkey. … Seasons.

First AppearanceLast Appearance
The Lucky CompassThe Coastal Venture

How old is JJ in OBX?


Rudy Pankow plays JJ, and in the series JJ is also 16. Rudy was born in August 1998, so is 22 and has a six year age gap with his character.

Is the Outer Banks real?


Is Outer Banks based on a real place? Yes, the Outer Banks is a chain a barrier islands located off the coast of North Carolina in Dare County with over 100 miles of shoreline.

How old is Kiara from OBX?

The actress who plays Kiara, Madison Bailey, is 22 in real life.

Is there a season 3 of Outer Banks?

According to reports, Outer Banks Season 3 was officially renewed last year on December 7, 2021. The production of the next season began on February 28, 2022, with filming beginning on February 16, 2022, in Charleston, South Carolina.

Where does Kiara get her clothes OBX?


Much like her BFF-turned-arch-nemesis-turned-friend-again Sarah Cameron, Kiara’s clothes are relatively affordable in real life, hailing from retailers like Urban Outfitters, Target, Billabong, and O’Neill.

Who does JJ end up with?


In the season seven finale, Jareau asks LaMontagne to propose to her again, and they married the following evening in a small ceremony in Rossi’s backyard. In "Truth or Dare", the Season 14 finale, Jareau tells Reid that she has loved him ever since they first met.

Does JJ get a girlfriend in Outer Banks Season 2?

John B and Sarah Cameron have been established as Outer Banks’ "it" couple, but season 2 makes way for a future romance between JJ and Kiara. Among the new drama and adventures in Outer Banks’ second season, here’s how the show sets up a romance between JJ and Kiara for season 3.

How can I be like Sarah Cameron?

Who is Sarah’s mum in OBX?


Caroline Arapoglou reprises her role as Rose Cameron in ‘Outer Banks’ Season 2. Warning: this section contains mild spoilers for Season 2 of Outer Banks.

Who is the most popular character in Outer Banks?


Outer Banks focuses on a small but divided community. Amongst the core cast, some characters are definitely more likable than others. … Outer Banks: The Main Characters, Ranked By Likability

  1. 1 Pope. Pope is the voice of reason in the group.
  2. 2 Kiara. …
  3. 3 John B. …
  4. 4 JJ. …
  5. 5 Sheriff Peterkin. …
  6. 6 Sarah Cameron. …
  7. 7 Topper. …
  8. 8 Rafe. …

What is Weezies real name in OBX?

Seasons. Louisa “Wheezie” Cameron is one of the recurring characters in Outer Banks. She is portrayed by Julia Antonelli.

Is Outer Banks appropriate for 12 year olds?


Is Outer Banks for kids? Outer Banks is rated TV-MA, which means it’s not really for kids. While there isn’t much sexuality in the series (aside from some kissing and non-graphic sexual exploration), the series earned its TV-MA rating for strong language and intense violence.

Is JJ’s name Johnny?


Character information His real name is Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt . He is a baby and the main character in Cocomelon (formerly ABC Kid TV) It was primarly added into the series as Cocomelon was inserting 3D animation to it. The name was probably added referencing to the video Johny Johny Yes Papa.

Why did JJ go to jail?

JJ is always butting heads with the Kooks. He encourages Pope’s idea to sink Topper’s boat, but when the cops come to arrest Pope JJ takes the blame for it and goes to jail instead.

Why does JJ go to jail?

JJ is the best kind of friend anyone could wish to have. Last season, he went to jail for Pope after encouraging him to sink Topper’s boat. This season, he steals an ambulance truck and pisses off more town officials than anyone in any show I’ve seen. And he does all this to save his friend.

Is Ward Cameron in jail?


Following Rafe’s arrest, Ward takes responsibility for Peterkin’s murder and seemingly kills himself by blowing his yacht. However, it is revealed in the final episode that Ward is still alive. He escaped from his exploding boat by using scuba gear.

What are the pills JJ took from his dad?

As Luke sails away we see that JJ has stolen the pills (the first bottle hydrocodone bitartrate and acetaminophen and second morphine sulfate injection) and throws them in the marsh.

Who is the guy at the end of Outer Banks Season 2?

And this man, is Big John Routledge. The reappearance of John B’s dad will shake up the entire series. Everything started with John B continuing his father’s treasure hunt with the hope of avenging his death, so learning that his dead dad is actually alive will probably shake him up.

What was Limbrey looking for in the cross?


Just like Big John Routledge and Ward Cameron, Limbrey has been searching for the gold from the Royal Merchant. She and Ward were partners in the search, and also have a “long and tortured history" as she funded his first development project. Limbrey tells Pope that Ward ultimately "crossed" her too.

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