How old is sister jean

102 years

Sister Jean/Age

How old is Loyola’s Sister Jean?


Sister Jean, the 102-year-old religious sister from Loyola-Chicago, is traveling with the team and will reportedly attend the Ramblers’ first round matchup against Ohio State in Pittsburgh.

Is Sister Jean from Loyola still living?

As of 2020, she was living at The Clare, a senior living residence in downtown Chicago. She made an appearance at the 2022 tournament after Loyola qualified for the tournament, with USA Today noting she was still in good health.

Is Sister Jean Still Alive 2022?

The Loyola Chicago Ramblers men’s basketball had their first season in 1914, five years before Sister Jean, born Dolores Bertha Schmidt, was born. Sister Jean, perhaps men’s college basketball’s most famous fan, has been alive for nearly every one of their 108 seasons.

Is Sister Jean from Loyola a nun?

Born Jean Dolores Schmidt, Sister Jean is an American religious sister of the Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. She is an enthusiastic supporter of Loyola Chicago’s basketball team. The Catholic nun has served as the Ramblers’ chaplain since 1994, praying with the team and even giving scouting reports.

What is Loyola’s mascot?

LU Wolf

Loyola University Chicago / Mascot

Is Loyola Chicago a Catholic school?

Loyola University Chicago (Loyola or LUC) is a private Jesuit research university in Chicago, Illinois. Founded in 1870 by the Society of Jesus, Loyola is one of the largest Catholic universities in the United States. … Loyola University Chicago.

Former namesSt. Ignatius College (1870–1909)
MascotLu Wolf

Where is Sister Jean today?

We’ve made the team chaplain for Loyola-Chicago an honorary Southerner. Today, America’s favorite nun was back where she belongs: sitting court-side at the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.

Who is the nun for Loyola Chicago?

Sister Jean Dolores Schmidt

There is arguably no more prominent college basketball fan in the world than Sister Jean Dolores Schmidt. Commonly known as Sister Jean, the nun has been a staple of Loyola Chicago basketball for decades.

What year did Loyola make it to the Final Four?


Share All sharing options for: Why Loyola Chicago’s 2018 NCAA tournament run was one of the best Cinderella stories in March Madness history.

What team has the 100 year old nun?

the Loyola Ramblers team

Photos of Sister Jean Dolores Schmidt, a 102-year-old nun who has been the Loyola Ramblers team chaplain since 1994.

Is Loyola out of March Madness?

Liddell, Ohio State.

Is Loyola in March Madness 2022?

In the 2022 NCAA Tournament, the Buckeyes (19-11) come in as a No. 7 seed in the South Region. They’ll take on Loyola Chicago (25-7) at PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh.

Where did Sister Jean go to college?

  1. Loyola Marymount University 1961
  2. Mount St. Mary’s University 1949
  3. Mount Saint Mary’s University Los Angeles (Chalon Campus)

Sister Jean/College

Did Sister Jean teach at Loyola?

It was a very different experience for a religious sister, who would normally be assigned a job by her community rather than applying for one, but Sister Jean was hired and given a new role working to ensure a smooth transition for former Mundelein students who transferred to Loyola.

Has anyone ever had a perfect bracket?

THE ANSWER. No, no one has ever picked a perfect NCAA men’s basketball bracket via three of the most popular tournament contests on the NCAA’s website, ESPN and Yahoo! Sports. It’s unlikely anyone ever will pick a perfect bracket.

Why is Luc The Ramblers?

In 1926, a more informal but much more binding process finally gave Loyola’s teams their nickname – Ramblers. That year, the football team travelled extensively across the United States, "rambling" from place to place for games, thus earning the nickname "Ramblers".

Is Rambler a wolf?

“Rambler” has nothing to do with a wolf. Loyola’s mascot used to be a vagabond, and the university needlessly changed that mascot to the wolf you see today. Loyola University of Chicago is the only university in the country that calls its students “Ramblers,” a name that dates back to the early 20th century.

What is Villanova’s mascot?

Will D. Cat

Villanova Wildcats men’s basketball / Mascot

Is Loyola LGBT friendly?

Does the University include sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression in its non-discrimination policy? Yes. All non-discrimination and harassment policies include sexual orientation and gender identity.

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