How to change shellac nail color

It’s as easy as a) removing the existing colour; b) filing, shaping and buffing your nails c) soaking your nails to soften the cuticles and then gently pushing them back; and d) reapplying polish – base coat, polish colour, top coat. Now if you have shellac nails, however, it’s a bit more challenging.

Can you change the colour of shellac nails?

The shellac base will still be there protecting your nails but you can chop and change colour as you choose as nail varnish remover won’t affect the shellac.

How do you change shellac color?

To lighten the amber shellac, mix clear shellac to it. To darken the clear shellac, mix the amber shellac to it. Make sure that you stir the mixture thoroughly to dissolve the shellac. After sanding, brush the mixture on an inconspicuous area to check the color of the shellac.

Can I repaint my shellac nails?

Sure. Painting over shellac can be done with regular nail polish, but make sure you have a high-quality nail polish for the best results. It shouldn’t take long, however, don’t expect it to look perfect. Painting over outgrown manicure is quite discernible and looks messy so don’t count on it to be an ideal solution.

Can I put nail polish on top of shellac?

Yes, you can use a gel polish on top of another gel polish. A gel-ception. The same rules apply – you will need to make sure that you paint over the colour underneath to avoid it looking messy and unprofessional. If you are using gel polish, be sure to use a UV lamp to cure the polish and lock it in place.

How do you paint shellac nails?

Apply one thin layer of SHELLAC™ Color Coat to extension edge and nail surface (this layer will be slightly semi-sheer if applied correctly). 3. Apply to five nails and cure each hand for one minute (preset button 2S) in the CND™ LED Lamp. * Do not remove the top film after removing the nails from the lamp.

How do I remove shellac polish at home?

Can you paint over shellac?

Unlike painted cabinets, the glossiness of shellac does not hold paint well unless you prepare the surface before you apply the paint, requiring extra preparation. You must remove the shellac before applying the paint if you want to keep the paint from flaking off the surface at a later date.

How do you Reshine shellac nails?

  1. Step one: prep the polish. Using a nail file, gently buff away the shiny layer of hard-to-dislodge polish until it takes on an opaque appearance. …
  2. Step two: acetone away. Soak five cotton balls in nail-polish remover. …
  3. Step three: remove and repeat. …
  4. Step four: rinse and repair. …
  5. Step five: moisturise.

Why did my shellac change color?

The internet was chock full of theories: from not enough time under the UV light to the porous nature of the gel nail paint that might change color when it comes in contact with lotions, bleach or other cleaning products.

Can you paint water based paint over shellac?

If it is properly dried, you can paint over it. Make sure you leave enough time between coats if you are doing two coats over it. It seems that BE123 slows the drying process a little, and if you try and apply a second coat soon, you will notice the paint dragging.

Does acetone free nail polish remover work?

Non-acetone polish removers contain ethyl acetate or nethyl ethyl keytone as their active ingredient. They are gentler on skin and were developed for use with nail extensions because acetone can cause extensions to become brittle and “lift.” Non-acetone is less effective for removing nail polish than acetone.

Can you infill shellac?

The upkeep is to have an ‘infill’ every two-three weeks, as opposed to removal and reapplication. Around the world, Hard Based Gel provides added length and strength to your nails and is more flexible than acrylic and SNS.

Can you put normal top coat on shellac?

Can You Put Regular Polish Over Shellac Nails? It is possible to use gel polish for top work as well. It is a gel-ception. you need to ensure that you paint a thin layer of paint over the paint underneath before putting on a new coat.

How long does shellac last?

about two weeks

Shellac was the first hybrid polish, produced by CND, and you can expect manicures to last about two weeks. Some may find that the chip-free finish lasts longer than this, but it’s recommended that you get them removed after 14 days as by this time your own nail will have started to grow out.

Is shellac different than gel?


The fact is, the differences between these two nail types are slim, but it does have an effect on your overall manicure experience. Essentially gel nails use a semi-permanent gel to color your nails, whereas shellac nails use semi-permanent polish.

What’s better shellac or SNS?

In our experience, SNS can last up to one week longer than Shellac nails without chipping, and SNS also creates a thicker-looking nail from all that powder getting added on. But we’ve found Shellac to be a little less damaging to our nails long-term than SNS nails.

Are acrylic and shellac the same?


Shellac does not take as long to remove, but still slightly longer than acrylic and also requires acetone. It is healthier for the nail and definitely boasts the more natural finish. As you do not need to wait for shellac and gel to dry, the finishing process is quite simple.

Can you remove shellac without acetone?

Though ideally you shouldn’t be removing shellac nails without a proper nail polish remover, you can run warm water over your nails and try removing your nail polish by lifting a corner of your polish that has come loose until it lifts off fully.

How do you remove shellac nail polish without acrylic nails?


To remove nail polish from your acrylic nails without the nails coming off, soak a cotton ball in non-acetone nail polish remover, then hold the cotton on top of your nail for 3-5 seconds. This will allow the remover to dissolve the polish.

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