How to highlight dark hair at home

Three top colorists reveal how to highlight your own hair at home. For DIY highlights, you’ll need a boxed bleach kit, a hair-coloring brush …

Can you highlight over dark hair?

If you think that highlights are only flattering on blondes or those with lighter hair, think again. Highlights on dark brown hair can be a great way to add shine and dimension to your tresses. The key to achieving a gorgeous look with dark hair and highlights comes down to color selection and highlight application.

How do they highlight dark hair?

How can I highlight my hair fast at home?

What is the best highlight color for dark brown hair?


Golden blonde, mocha, rose brown, burnt orange, two shades lighter, ash brown, and honey blonde are some of the best highlight ideas for dark brown hair. Sporting these highlights against dark brown hair adds depth to your hair and offers you a quirky vibe and an elegant look.

How can I highlight my hair at home without a kit?


There are two ways you can go for temporary highlights:

  1. Clip on hair highlights: You can use clip-on extensions easily available online or in stores. …
  2. Hair color spray: You can also section your hair and use highlighting spray on the desired areas.

How do you highlight dark hair without bleach?

Apple cider vinegar or distilled white vinegar are easy and cheap options for lightening your hair. Rinse your hair in vinegar and then rinse it again in cold water to lift color and revitalize dull strands. Top with a gloss or conditioner to seal in moisture—this is crucial if you’ve had a bleach mishap before.

Can I highlight my own hair?


Highlighting is not something a professional colorist would ever advise you to do from home. It’s a multi-step process that requires a lot of detailed attention and a careful, watchful eye (and hand) every step of the way.

How can I highlight my hair without foil or cap?

How do you foil highlights at home?

How do you highlight your hair with box dye at home?

How do you do caramel highlights on dark brown hair?

How do I naturally highlight my dark brown hair?


Some of these aren’t just good for natural, sun-kissed highlights; they’ll leave your stands shinier and softer, too!

  1. Mix Up Your Lemon Juice with Conditioner. …
  2. Apply Vitamin C to Your Hair. …
  3. Use a Saltwater Solution. …
  4. Add Apple Cider Vinegar. …
  5. Combine Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide. …
  6. Make a Cinnamon and Honey Mask.

What’s the difference between foils and highlights?

Highlights and foils are basically the same thing. However you can use the cap or other techniques to create highlights but foils are the most popular and, in my opinion, most effective and creative method. Foils is a method use in highlighting hair, there are other methods such as the cap method.

How do you spice up dark brown hair?


If you’re looking to break up your brunette without making a major change, try barely there cool brown highlights. Keep your base dark, but ask for some soft balayage highlights, says Grummel. “A gloss will also help add extra shine to a dull brunette and get rid of any unwanted red tones,” she adds.

What’s the difference between highlights and Balayage?


Difference between highlights/balayage? The difference between highlights and balayage is that highlights almost always use foils whereas balayage is more of a visual hand-painted technique. Balayage will always give a more subtle result than traditional highlights.

Can I foil highlight my own hair?

Hold a piece of tin foil under each hair strand, remove the clip, and start bleaching your hair with the mixture you have made. Dip a dye brush and apply the bleach to the strands of hair. Starting from the bottom to the mid-length of the hair. This is the right method to apply bleach to highlight hair.

How do you do quick highlights?

Where do you put highlights in hair?

How do you highlight hair with foil?

What hair colour is in for 2022?


“Next year will be all about warm tones and intense layers. Think pumpkin coppers, vanilla blondes, rich browns, like a chocolate cherry tone. There will be fewer high contrast colours and more blended highlight lowlight tones.

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