How to measure ring size in cm

How to measure ring size in cm? Take a slice of thread or thin wire. A ruler. Utilizing the thread and tie it gently loose around the finger that you want …

What size is a 7 cm ring?


Use the ring size chart below to find your fit:

Circumference (cm)Ring Size
6.5 cm8
7 cm9
7.5 cm10
8 cm11

What is my ring size if its 6 cm?

choose your corresponding ring size. … Ring Size Chart.

Ring SizeInside Circumference (Inches)Inside Circumference (Centimeters)
51.94″4.9 cm
5.51.99″5.05 cm
62.04″5.18 cm
6.52.09″5.30 cm

What ring size is 5’7 cm?


54.93 cm1.57 cm
65.19 cm1.65 cm
75.45 cm1.73 cm
85.71 cm1.81 cm

How do I calculate my ring size?

Measure your ring size with these steps: Wrap string or paper around the base of your finger. Mark the point where the ends meet with a pen. Measure the string or paper with a ruler (mm). Pick the closest measurement on the ring size chart to find your ring size.

How many cm is ring size 8?

Guide to ring sizes

64.58 cm1.46 cm
74.68 cm1.50 cm
84.83 cm1.53 cm
94.90 cm1.56 cm

How big is a size 7 ring?


The most common ring sizes for women are 6 (16.5 mm), 6.5 (16.9mm), and 7 (17.3 mm), while the most common men’s sizes are 10 (19.8mm), 10.5 (20.2 mm), and 11 (20.6 mm).

What is a size 7 ring in mm?

17.3 mm

Size 7 = 17.3 mm.

How can I measure my ring size without a tape measure?


If you do not have measuring tape, you can find her ring size at home using a piece or string or dental floss and either a ruler or a carpenter’s tape measure. Simply wrap the string or floss around the thickest part of her ring finger and either cut or mark the string. Then measure it with the ruler or tape measure.

Is a size 8 ring big for a woman?


Average Woman’s Ring Size You can see that approximately half of women’s ring sizes were between 6 and 8 with 7 being the most popular size.

How many mm is ring size 8?

18.2 mm

Ring Size Conversion Chart

Ring Diameter (MM)USA/CanadaJapan
18.2 mm.816
18.6 mm.17
19.0 mm.918
19.4 mm.19

Is ring size same as shoe size?

The short answer is no – the size of a ring and shoe are not related. Ring sizes are determined by a person’s finger circumference or diameter, while shoe sizes are determined by foot length. It’s just a coincidence if these two sizes match.

What is the average ring size?


The average women’s ring size is 6 and the average men’s ring size is 8½ Guessing your partner’s ring size correctly can be done with a little common sense. If you have a petite partner, it’s likely that their hands are smaller with slender fingers, so try starting at a size 4 or 4½ for women, and around a 7 for men.

How big is a size 9 ring?

Add 0.5 mm to the length of the blank if the width of your material is greater than 4 mm.

US Ring Size2.6 mm thick0.8 mm thick
8 1/266.0 mm long60.3 mm long
967.2 mm long61.6 mm long
9 1/268.5 mm long62.8 mm long
1069.7 mm long64.1 mm long

Is a size 6 ring small or medium?

Average Ring Size Women’s ring sizes range in general from size 3 to 10. In the U.S., the average woman has a ring size between 5 and 7, with size 6 being the most popular. Of course, this will vary with different heights and weights. Size 6 is the average ring size for a woman around 5’5" and 140 pounds.

What size is 7.5 ring?

3. Size Conversion Chart

Inside Diameter

What ring size is a size 8?


O7 1/255 1/4
P856 1/4
Q8 1/257 1/2

Is 8.5 ring size big?

Ring sizes are measured in half increments. So, you go from a size 8 to 8.5 to 9 to 9.5 and so on. … What Is the Average Ring Size for Men?

Ring SizeDiameter (mm)

How do I measure my ring size in mm?


To measure your finger you can use a string. Measure the circumference of your finger and mark the string. Then measure the string length against a ruler or tape measure in mm. This measurement corresponds to the size of the ring.

How can I measure my ring size at home in CM?

Wrap a flexible tape measure around your ring finger to find the size of your finger, in centimeters. Do not wrap the tape measure tightly around your finger. For the most accurate measurement, wrap the tape measure at the level of tightness ideal for wearing a ring on that finger.

Can I use tape measure for ring size?


Using a measuring tape is the best and most accurate method to determine your ring size. For the best results, make sure to give enough space to accommodate your knuckle.

How tight should a ring be?


A proper fitting ring should slide over your knuckle with a little friction and fit snugly on your finger, but not too tight. You should feel resistance and need to apply a little extra force to remove the ring backwards over your knuckle.

How can I get my girlfriend’s ring size without her knowing?


How to (Secretly) Figure Out Your Girlfriend’s Ring Size

  1. Go with the average ring size.
  2. Try a larger size and resize it later.
  3. Don’t rush, be subtle, work while she sleeps, and use her other jewelry as a baseline (trace the ring and get that sized!)
  4. Ask for help from others (mom, friends, your friends, a jeweler)

Do ring sizes change with age?

After years, fingers and/or knuckles usually get bigger. It’s best to have your ring resized while you can still take it off. If you’ve waited too long though, stop in to Fox Fine Jewelry and we’ll safely cut your ring off so that it can be resized.

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