How to pronounce jonathan simkhai

Jonathan Simkhai: jon-uh-than sim-kye. Kaelen: kay-lin. Katie Ermilio: kay-tee er-meel-ee-oh. Marco de Vincenzo: mar-co deh vin-chen-zoh.

Who is designer Jonathan simkhai?


Jonathan Simkhai is a New York fashion designer. His love affair with fashion began at the early age of 14 when he was offered the unique opportunity to work as an assistant buyer for a local boutique. After only a few months, Jonathan was quickly promoted to buyer and merchandiser for the boutique.

How do you pronounce gvasalia?

The label’s head designer Demna Gvasalia is pronounced “deem-nah vah-sal-eeyuh.”)

How do you pronounce Raf Simon?


Pronunciation: Răf-Sym-Mons.

Is Jonathan simkhai a good brand?


Through designs that seek to embolden women with confidence and ease, the brand represents modern versatility. As a 2015 winner of the prestigious CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund, Jonathan Simkhai continues to redefine the 21st century wardrobe and reinvigorate American fashion.

Where is Jonathan simkhai from?


Born in Scarsdale, Simkhai is a bred New Yorker. His first real foray into fashion, was working as a buyer for Habana Jeans in Scarsdale, at the tender age of 14.

How do you pronounce Huishan Zhang?

As the rising Huishan Zhang is based in China, we’re going with the traditional pronunciation of “Zhang”, which should be like “hung” instead of “hang”. (This is in contrast with “Wang” in Alexander Wang, which is pronounced “hang”, as the designer is American.)

How do you pronounce designer Jacquemus?

When did Demna gvasalia join Balenciaga?

October 7, 2015

On October 7, 2015 Demna is appointed artistic Director of Balenciaga’s collections.

How do you pronounce Aisa?

  1. Phonetic spelling of Aisa. aisa. EH-s-aa. Ai-sha.
  2. Meanings for Aisa.
  3. Translations of Aisa. Arabic : عيسى Russian : Айс

How do I pronounce ng?

To make this sound, the back part of the tongue reaches up and touches the soft palate, which remains down in this sound, ng, ng. The front part of the tongue is lightly touching behind the bottom front teeth. The teeth are parted and the lips as well, ng, ng, while the vocal cords make sound, ng, ng.

How do you pronounce Xiao?

The J sounds like X in Chinese (example: Xiao), a zuh or soft J sound.

How do you pronounce Yves St Laurent?

Yves Saint Laurent is pronounced EVE SAN-LAW-ROHN. The letter “t” in both “Saint” and “Laurent” is silent. In 2012, Yves Saint Laurent’s eponymous label was renamed Saint Laurent Paris as part of creative director Hedi Slimane’s rebranding.

How do you pronounce Bvlgari?

Also, because Bulgari is an Italian surname, the correct pronunciation of Bvlgari is in Italian. So the right way to pronounce Bulgari is Bool-gah-ree. The “u” here is pronounced with a double “o” sound or, alternatively, with the same pronunciation of the “u” in the word “rule”.

How do you pronounce fresquez?

Phonetic spelling of Fresquez

  1. fresquez.
  2. Fr-esquez.
  3. Fres-quez.

Who is designing Balenciaga?

Demna Gvasalia

Demna Gvasalia (Georgian: დემნა გვასალია dem-NAH gvah-SAH-lee-AH) is a Georgian fashion designer, currently the creative director of Balenciaga and the co-founder of Vetements. … Demna Gvasalia.

Demna Gvasalia დემნა გვასალია
OccupationFashion designer
Label(s)Balenciaga (2015-) Vetements (2014-2019) Louis Vuitton (2013-2015)

Who is Balmain owned by?

Balmain expected to reach a revenue of €150 million in 2017, 90% of which is generated by the wholesale channel, and is also putting more effort into direct retail. … Balmain (fashion house)

TypeSociété Anonyme
Key peopleOlivier Rousteing, Head Designer
ProductsHaute couture, ready-to-wear, perfume, jewellery
OwnerHedgewood Investments

Who does Kering own?


A global Luxury group, Kering manages the development of a series of renowned Houses in Fashion, Leather Goods and Jewelry: Gucci, Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, Brioni, Boucheron, Pomellato, DoDo, Qeelin, as well as Kering Eyewear.

What does AISA mean?

Arabic; Swahili. “living, prosperous”

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