How to tone hair

Once you know which type and color toner to use, toning your hair is as easy as 1-2-3. Here’s how to tone bleached hair and keep it looking natural. Mix your toner with a developer in a 1:2 ratio. Use an applicator brush to work the mixture into your hair, focusing on the areas with unwanted undertones.

How do I tone my hair at home?

Do you tone hair wet or dry?

Should I Apply Toner On Wet Or Dry Hair? Your hair has to be a little damp or towel dried while applying a toner. To be precise, you should always use a hair toner when your hair is 70% dry. You will achieve better results if you put toner on damp hair and not dripping wet or completely dry hair.

How can I tone my brassy hair at home?


Take the “brassiness” out of your hair color with this DIY spray toner: fill small spray bottle 2/3 with vinegar, 10 drops blue food coloring, 3 drops red; add a bit of a leave in hair conditioner and fill rest with water. Spray on dry shampooed hair, let dry. Repeat if needed for less brassy tone.

What do hairdressers use to tone?

Toner is most often used in conjunction with highlighting and bleaching services in the salon to ensure that the final results are perfect. Hairstylists use lightener (bleach) to lighten hair to a desired hair color level.

Is purple shampoo a toner?

What Does Purple Shampoo Do? Purple shampoo acts as a toner to get rid of brassy tones and return your hair to a cooler, salon-fresh blonde. Using purple shampoo is a key step in helping dyed blonde hair look vibrant and fresh.

Can I tone my hair myself?


You can either tone it at home or go to the salon for touch-ups. You can use three different types of products to tone: purple shampoo, ammonia toners, or dye.

How long should I leave toner in my hair?

Mix your toner with a developer in a 1:2 ratio. Use an applicator brush to work the mixture into your hair, focusing on the areas with unwanted undertones. Leave the toner in for up to 45 minutes, then rinse, wash with a moisturizing shampoo and deep condition.

Should I shampoo after toner?

After the initial color service, we recommend waiting to wash the hair for AT LEAST 48 hours. BUT! The longer you wait, the better. This allows time for the hair cuticle to close, which may help color last longer.

What consistency should toner be?

Why does blonde turn brassy?

Brassy hair is caused by an overabundance of warm pigments in your hair. For example, when platinum blonde hair becomes too yellow or when golden highlights turn reddish-gold or orange. When you lighten your hair, your natural hair color is lifted to make room for the new color.

Does baking soda remove brassy hair?

Baking soda is known to lighten hair, which is why it can be used to lift brassy tones from your hair. To make baking soda toner, you’ll need baking soda, shampoo, blue food coloring, and purple food coloring.

Will beige blonde cancel out orange?

Brassy, orange hair getting you down? No need to panic! As it turns out, you can use a blonde hair dye to neutralize your orange hair — the secret is to look for a shade that’s ashy. Ashy, cool undertones are the key to canceling out the warm, unflattering orange tones that currently adorn your strands.

Do you put Olaplex in toner?

How can I tone my yellow hair to ash?


When deciding how to tone yellow hair to ash, try using a violet shampoo first. As purple is the opposite of yellow on the colour spectrum, the shampoo’s purple pigment draws out the yellow brassiness from your blonde, neutralises those unwanted tones, and makes your colour look cooler, healthier and more vibrant.

What does Wella T10 Toner do?


Wella T10 toner, also called “Ivory Lady,” is a pale blonde liquid toner. It’s formulated to cancel out all the brassy tones that show up after lightening dark hair.

What’s better blue or purple shampoo?

Blue shampoos are designed to counteract orange tones in brunette hair, while purple shampoos are used to banish brass in blonde hair. If you make the leap from brunette to blonde hair, make sure to switch to a purple shampoo to counteract the yellow tones that often appear in color-treated blonde hair.

Can I leave purple shampoo on for an hour?

While leaving purple shampoo on your hair for an hour or more will certainly make your hair dull, it will not damage your hair. Purple shampoo in general will not damage your hair at all. It is a toner meant only to neutralize.

Do you use purple shampoo before or after toning?


After pre-lightening the hair, you will want to create a clear, clean canvas prior to depositing your final tone. For example, after bleaching, apply purple shampoo or a violet toner for a neutral base, and then apply your final hue.

How do you tone your hair with Redken shades EQ?


It’s easy to use…

  1. Depending on your colour technique, mix your chosen Shades EQ shade in a 1:1 ratio with the Shades EQ Processing Solution or Gloss to Gel Developer.
  2. Shades EQ Gloss can either be applied with a bowl and brush or bottle onto dry hair.
  3. Process at room temperature for 20 minutes.

What does blue toner do?


Blue toning shampoo is designed for brown and brunette hair to neutralize any unwanted shades of red or orange from appearing, and cools warm tones. As blue falls directly opposite red and orange on the color wheel, this color shampoo is the best for those with brown and brunette hair to counteract unwanted brassiness.

What is the best toner for blonde hair?

  1. Best Overall: IGK Leave-In Blonde Toning Drops at Sephora.
  2. Best Budget: Garnier Nutrisse Anti-Brass Treatment at Amazon.
  3. Best Drugstore: John Frieda Sheer Blonde Purple Shampoo at Amazon.
  4. Best Shampoo: Amika Bust Your Brass Cool Blonde Shampoo at Amazon.
  5. Best Conditioner: …
  6. Best Mask: …
  7. Best Leave-In: …
  8. Best Treatment:

Why is my hair still brassy after toning?

If the toner failed to work effectively on the orange hair, a blue toner must be applied again to neutralize the undesirable tone. If you feel that the orange tone is too dark or intense, you can bleach your hair again and then apply the blue toner to achieve a lighter blonde.

What’s the difference between toning and dying hair?

What’s the Difference Between a Hair Dye and a Toner? A toner is a liquid formula that can be added to color-treated or lightened hair to either soften or enhance the color. Meanwhile, a hair dye is a treatment that’s applied to completely alter the pigment of your hair.

How can I tone my blonde hair at home?

Why is my hair purple after toning?

Avoid letting purple toners sit on your hair too long. It can be tempting to dump a ton of purple shampoo and conditioner on your hair and let it sit for a while, but applying too much and letting it sit too long are the most common causes of over-toning.

Do you wash toner out with cold or hot water?

(Make sure the water is not too hot but more lukewarm – we don’t want you to burn your skin!) In contrast, cold water tends to ‘seal’ the cuticle. Massage your scalp with your favorite shampoo and get the excess dirt and oil out of your hair. The result should be a removal of the grayish tinge of the bleached hair.

What do you do after you tone your hair?

Rinse out the toner and apply a moisturizing conditioner. It’s best to wait at least 24 hours before you shampoo your newly-toned hair to make sure the color won’t fade before it’s fully set in.

Do I need Developer for toner?


The toner requires you to use either 10 or 20 volume developer. Do a strand test before applying any new product to your hair to check the outcome. Pour the wella t18 toner into the mixing bottle. Toner is a tool that hair coloring professionals use to correct colors in hair after bleaching it.

Should I use a 10 or 20 developer with toner?

How do you know which developer to use with the toner? 10 volume will allow the toner to deposit more color, 20 volume will deposit less.

What developer should you use with toner?

The toner together with a developer creates a mix which opens up the hair cuticle, penetrates into the hair cortex, takes out excessive yellow and orange and then re-colors the hair. We recommend you use such toners with either 10 or 20 Vol developer, depending on how well your client’s hair has been lifted.

Why did my hair turn orange instead of blonde?


Not Enough Red Pigment Was Bleached Out Hair turns orange for one key reason: It wasn’t lightened enough to reach blonde. In order to dye hair blonde, you first need to reach the yellow stage where the majority of red pigment has already been bleached out.

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