How to wear earrings with stretched ears

How can I hide my stretched ears?

How do you wear earrings with ripped ears?

Here are some tips to help you avoid stretched or ripped earring holes: Stick to lightweight or threader earrings. Lightweight earrings won’t stretch out your ear holes the way that heavy earrings might. Sticking to lightweight earrings, or even threader earrings, can help keep your ear holes small and supported.

How long are you supposed to wear tapers?

4 to 8 weeks

Let your ear heal for 4 to 8 weeks. Stretching your ears again before 4 weeks will increase the chance of getting tissue blowout a great deal. Waiting longer is better.

What size gauges go back to normal?

Most people can go between 2g (6mm) – 00g (10mm) and expect their ears to revert back to a normal piercing, after a few months of healing. If you want don’t want stretched ears forever, be sure to stretch slowly and never skip sizes.

Are stretched ears unprofessional?

6 answers. Yes. They just ask nothing offensive or scary be worn or scarred into your body. Gages up to one inch are acceptable.

Do stretched ears go back to normal?


If you stretch your lobe to 00g or smaller, you are a much better candidate for your ear going back to “normal”. However, if you stretch your ear to a severely large size – like an inch in diameter – then your chances are much smaller that your ear will ever go back to the way it was.

How do you fix a ripped earlobe at home?

Sometimes, a small portion of tissue gets torn from the ear during a traumatic injury. If this happens to you, dampen a piece of gauze or cloth and carefully wrap up the severed piece of tissue. Place the wrapped piece of earlobe on a bed of ice cubes, then drive to the nearest hospital immediately.

Will a ripped earlobe heal?

A torn earlobe may not heal on its own An earlobe that has been torn or stretched will generally not go back to normal on its own. If there has been a tear in the earlobe, then some degree of healing will take place; however, it’s unlikely that the healing process will produce a good cosmetic result.

Can you wear regular earrings with gauges?

How do you wear gauges?

Slowly insert the pointy side first and then try to slide it through. If there is resistance or pain, you should wait to stretch your ears further. If there is no resistance and it feels comfortable, simply line up the next gauge of tunnels or plugs and push them through. Once they are through, fix them with “O” rings.

How do you wear earrings?


Slide the end into your ear, point-first, and slowly twist the earring as it goes in. You need to wiggle it around a bit to get it in and find the hole. Sometimes it’s at an awkward angle! Push until the front of the earring is flush against your ear – or until the earring is as far in as you want it to go.

How do you wear plug hoop earrings?

What are ear hangers?


The simple answer is that ear hangers are hanging earrings for stretched ears which do not weigh much more than a pair of standard earrings would weigh. Flesh plugs and tunnels sit inside the ear lobe and ‘ear hangers’ are designs which hang down.

What are stretched ears?

Ear stretching (also called ear gauging) is when you gradually stretch out pierced holes in your earlobes. Given enough time, the size of these holes could be anywhere from the diameter of a pencil to that of a soda can. Ear stretching takes time and effort.

Can you wear tapers overnight?

If it’s too tight, what you’ll do is tear the skin off the inside of your hole. This is painful and incredibly unpleasant and bloody. Repeat until you get the taper all the way in. Leave it for at least a couple of hours, ideally overnight.

Will stretched ears shrink overnight?

The only way to start shrinking your ears is to take your plugs out. Your jewelry is keeping your ear stretched to a certain size – if you don’t remove it, it will never shrink. Start by removing your plugs for a week and seeing how small they shrink in that time.

Can I wear tapers as jewelry?

Why shouldn’t I wear tapers as every day ear jewelry? Most tapers are designed to be used as ear stretching tools, not as pieces to be worn on a regular basis. Doing so can easily put uneven pressure on your healing ears, leading to unnecessary damage.

What’s the point of no return for gauges?

The point of no return when thinking about ear stretching is a term that is used to define the point at which you may be able to stretch your piercing (typically speaking about ears, but stretching other piercings have their own point of no return) that when you take out the plugs for an extended period of time it will …

Can I stretch my ears every 2 weeks?

Stretching your ear too quickly can tear the skin. Only increase your jewelry by one size (2 gauge) at a time. Wait 4 to 6 weeks before increasing sizes. Wait for inflammation and pain to subside before increasing the size of your gauge.

Can I shower with my gauges in?

The hot shower and massage allows your ears to be more flexible and will be less painful putting in your plugs. Customers also recommend using a natural oil or lubrication to help get your plugs in your ears. When stretching, our customers all seem to say to stay away from acrylic and silicone.

Should you twist your gauges?

Don’t spin your plugs As you move the jewelry, you can transfer new bacteria from your hands and open up the skin or healing wounds, which can lead to irritation and infection very quickly.

Do ear gauges smell?


The reason your ear gauges smell bad is because they’re sitting in your ear. Your skin sheds almost every hour on the hour and all of those dead skin cells are left sitting on the gauge. Thus the stinky smell. To prevent this, a strict cleaning regiment is needed.

Are gauges permanent?

Once you reach a certain point, ear gauging leaves permanent results. So, if you ever want to remove the gauges from your ears, you will be left with a big hole that can only be reversed with surgery. By working with a professional, your chances for closing gauged ears without surgery is greater.

How long does it take stretched ears to close?

Try Without Surgery First Once it fits properly, go down another size until you reach the smallest gauge. Once you reach this point, your hole should be able to close on its own. This entire process usually takes at least 2 months.

How big can you get gauges before they won’t close?

2 – 0 gauge

What size can I stretch up to without permanent damage? There are a lot of different opinions on this topic, but the majority of professionals in the body modification industry recommend never going any larger than 2 – 0 gauge if you want your ears to totally close up where you can’t see through them.

Why do stretched ears smell?


The odor will be stronger while you are stretching your ears. This is because the ear is trying to heal and will produce more sebum and dead skin. When you get to your desired ear gauge you will notice less of an odor. The other part of the smell is the plug itself.

Do stretched earlobes shrink back?

One of the most common questions I get asked about ear lobe stretching is “will my ears shrink back down?” Yes – to an extent. Most of the time, the size of your stretched holes will go back down to just under half of your maximum stretched size. For example, 30mm would shrink back to about 10-15mm.

Do earring holes close up?

Well, not exactly. Do ear piercings close? Yes, but they generally close quicker the sooner you take them out following having your lobes pierced. The longer you have the best huggie earrings or those studs in for, the longer the holes will take to heal.

Why is my ear piercing hole getting bigger?

Ear piercings can stretch over time, especially with the repeated and frequent wear of heavy earrings that pull and elongate the skin tissues in the region. A once tiny hole can become a very large hole – either via intentional body art modification or unwanted stretching of the earlobe over time.

Will heavy earrings rip my ear?

The earlobe skin is very fragile, and a “split,” gash, or elongation of the hole can occur. Earlobes most commonly tear from repeated use of heavy or large earrings. At first, patients with partial tears are told to simply stop wearing their earrings to let the lobe heal on its own — but that often doesn’t work.

Can you fix stretched earlobes?

What Is Involved in Earlobe Reconstruction? The earlobe reconstruction procedure takes anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes and is performed under local anesthesia. The plastic surgeon will start by surgically removing the inner lining of the elongated earlobe hole and putting the edges back together with stiches.

How much does it cost to fix stretched earlobes?

The cost of an earlobe repair can range from $500 to $2,000. Most offices have payment options. After the earlobe is healed, we have had many patients say that they should have, “done this years ago.” This is one of those office procedures that can make a difference in someone’s daily life.

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