How to wear long red cardigan

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How do you wear a red long cardigan?

What do you wear with a long cardigan?

For a classic casual look, wear your long cardigan over a white T-shirt with a pair of skinny jeans or straight-leg jeans. Wear a white top with black jeans and a grey cardigan, or opt for a monochromatic combo with a white cardigan and jeans.

Where should a long cardigan hit?


A long cardigan is unofficially defined as a cardigan that goes longer than your hip. You can see that my long cardigan in today’s outfit hits between my butt and my knees. I’ve found this to be my sort of “sweet spot” for where I prefer the hem to hit, but you can go a little shorter or even longer.

Can you wear a long cardigan over a short dress?

Yes, you can wear a long cardigan over a dress. It’s a fabulous way to give your dress a whole new look. I find a sheath dress, fit and flare dress and wrap dresses work best with a long cardigan.

Do long cardigans make you look slimmer?


Instead, you could think about making a cardigan work for you by wearing a longline knit. This gives an optical illusion of making you look slimmer, as you create a long column with the clothing you are wearing under the cardigan.

What shirt goes with long cardigan?

I usually wear a cami or a T-shirt. But you can wear a thin sweater or a long sleeve top too. Also, don’t forget you can also wear a dress under your cardigan. In very few occasions I also wear a button down shirt and it looks really good too!

Can you wear a long cardigan with a midi dress?


Best Dresses For Long Cardigans The dress should go past the hem of your cardigan, but not by too much. I love the look I did here with the midi hemline paired with the “at the knee” long cardigan. It keeps the long line going without too much of a break between fabrics.

How do you wear a long chunky cardigan?


Pair Casual Clothes with Special Accessories Button your cardi up to wear as a shirt and tuck it loosely into some straight-leg jeans or cargo pants, then get fancy with pearls or sparkly jewelry, a sleek handbag and some sexy shoes for a undeniably chic, if unexpected, combination.

What type of cardigan do you wear with a dress?

Short or Three-Quarter Sleeve Cardigans Perfect for warmer months, cardigans with short sleeves or three-quarter length sleeves look polished and pretty on many dresses. They pair well with sheaths, shift dresses, fit-and-flare dresses, and some styles of wrapper or surplice dresses.

What is a long cardigan called?


Long cardigans, or dusters, are just about full-length. They reach at least to mid-calf and may even be ankle-length. Long cardigans like this are usually belted as well, though some styles are open.

How do you wear a long cardigan with a coat?

How do you wear a cardigan over 50?

How do you wear a cardigan stylishly?

How do you make a cardigan look fancy?

What to pair with cardigans?


A cardigan is a type of knitted garment with an open front, and it is one of the most versatile outerwear options you can own. You can pair it with everything from a smart dress, jeans, a T-shirt, high-waisted pants, or a pencil skirt. The key is to consider proportions and play with contrasting lengths.

What goes best under a cardigan?

Crewnecks, V-Necks, and Scoop Necks. Crewnecks, v-necks, and scoop necks are ideal for wearing under a cardigan. Whether you are wearing a plain long-sleeved shirt or a sweater, it is simple and stylish to throw a cardigan over it.

How do you accessorize a cardigan?


The easiest way to wear the cardigan is over straight-leg jeans and a T-shirt – oversized styles are key to prevent your look from being twee. Or tuck it into high-waisted trousers for a slimmer silhouette. Alternatively, invest in a fine knit version and belt it over a midi skirt – a great winter workwear option.

What length of cardigan is most flattering?


I think this just-below-the-hip-length tends to be the most flattering on me personally. #8. Don’t ignore the rear view. The long, straight cardigans are having a moment right now, but make sure to look at the rear view before deciding to purchase one.

How do I look skinny in a cardigan?

A super easy trick to try out for yourself. All you need to do is tuck your sweater in a little at the front and then leave the sides and back out. The excess sweater on the sides will give your total look a more slimming appearance.

How tight should cardigan fit?

Fit of a Cardigan Ideally, the cardigan should fit in the shoulders, taper from down through the chest to the abdomen and then widen slightly around the waist.

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