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Atoms is a New York-based startup that makes everyday sneakers for men and women, one-size-fits-all and two sizes. You read that right. Known for their sleek, minimalist design, Atoms shoes are adjustable in quarter increments, and you can buy different sizes for your left and right feet.

As shoe brands increasingly use 3D scans, apps and other technologies to help customers find the right fit, Atoms has developed a simple and affordable solution – increasing by offering quarter sizes size selection. These smart designs attracted media attention and investor interest, many of whom came to the company as clients.

Atoms has appeared in Forbes, Esquire, Vogue, British GQ, TechCrunch, and Bloomberg, all of which laud the startup for solving one of the biggest shoe-buying problems: finding the right shoes. Atoms is also growing in social media presence, with 19,500 followers on Instagram.

What would it take to create the perfect sneaker? Does Atoms have the answer? We’ll find out in this Atoms shoes review, which shares the brand’s story, showcases its best selling products, customer ratings, promotions, and more. Let’s dive in.

Overview of Atoms

What are Atoms shoes? To answer this question, we need to understand the ethos of the brand. Atoms was founded by a young couple, Waqas Ali and Sidra Qasim, after traveling the world in search of answers. “We only design one shoe a year, but we really wanted to do it well,” co-founder Sidra said in an interview with TechCrunch.

The idea was simple, and it paid off. Producing a single unisex model allowed the couple to focus on making quarter sizes scalable (a feature that most major shoe makers lack). With its minimalist design, comfortable fit, and durability, entrepreneurs clearly spent a lot of time figuring out and unraveling the Atoms prototype. The pair founded their first shoe company, Markhor, in Ocala, Pakistan, in 2012.

Not the kind of person who relies only on preconceived notions and walks around the world looking down – seeing how countries wear their feet. What they saw surprised them. The pair see sneakers everywhere every day, many of them, even in a country known for their different shoes.

After launching a Kickstarter campaign, Sidra and Waqas moved to Silicon Valley in 2015, graduating from renowned startup accelerator Y Combinator, where they delved into customer research and product design. They found that comfort and style were the biggest drivers for buying sneakers.

But there’s more: They found that 70 percent of people had at least a quarter-size difference between their feet, and more than 7 percent had a half-size difference. The couple immediately found their niche and niche in the market. In 2019, they launched Atoms in New York.

We all have our own struggles with shoes that don’t fit. Some of us even left scars in our struggles. Atome knew the pain. They’ve been working on this for years, ultimately creating a shoe that fits snugly and is comfortable on the foot, ankle, leg and back.

For a sneaker brand that is said to have revolutionized the fashion world, it’s no surprise that Atoms also has a following among celebrities. The greatest champion of Atoms is Redditt co-founder and investor Alexis Ohanian, who wore a pair of Atoms to the 2019 Met Gala. What made Ohanian decide to buy a pair of sneakers from a little-known start-up brand he also invested in?

It isn’t just a different look, it’s a different feel,” said Ohanian. “When I put on a pair for the first time, it was a totally unique experience. Atoms are more comfortable by an order of magnitude than any other shoe I’ve tried, and they quickly became the go-to shoe in my rotation whenever I was stepping out… I wear my Atoms all the time and even my fashion designer wife is a fan.”   


Atoms’ growth has been skyrocketing for a startup, but like any other company, it has its downsides. Based on my research, reading reviews, and interactions with customers who own a pair of Atoms sneakers, this Atoms shoe review lays out the company’s strengths and weaknesses. let’s start.


  • Minimalist and versatile design 
  • Pick your quarter-size, say 10.25, and Atoms send you 10s, 10.25s, and 10.5s, plus socks to try them on with; customers can pick any two, even different sizes for each foot, and return the rest for free
  • Copper threads in the shoes kill bacteria, preventing foot odor
  • Ultra-soft midsole that cushions your move
  • Easy to put on and take off without untying laces 
  • The tongue does not slip
  • Free shipping and free returns
  • Discounts for referrals, and if you send your old Atoms for analysis or donation 


  • Pricey: Atoms sneakers start at $129
  • A limited selection of colors, designs
  • Very short window time to shop for their limited editions  
  • International shipping unavailable

Do I need to say more? OK, I will. Now, this Atoms shoe review highlights some of the brand’s most popular sneakers. Lace up your shoes, let’s take a look at what makes Atoms the best in the shoe industry.

Atoms Model 000

Sneaker fans or not, we all have that pair of sneakers that we almost always wear without thinking. That’s how Atom’s first product, the Model 000, was designed. At first glance, these stylish sneakers might be mistaken for a pair of Nike shoes, especially the black and white version, until you notice the absence of the iconic logo. Atoms doesn’t believe in name transfers. The brand believes in experience.

The strength of the Atoms Model 000 lies in its well-thought-out details. These sneakers feature elasticated laces for easy on and off, and the insole is lined with copper wire to kill bacteria and odors. The shoe features a custom foam midsole with cloud-like cushioning and a lightweight, non-slip rubber outsole for easy foot and ankle fit.

Whether you’re warming up to light up the dance floor with your moves, heading to an office meeting, or preparing for a long hike, Atom’s Model 000 has the pump you need every day. The sneakers retail for $129 and come in four colors: white, black, gray and a combination of black and white.

As mentioned in the previous sections of this Atoms shoe review, Atoms sneakers are available in quarter sizes (US sizes 5-11 for women and 3.5-9.6 for men). Pick a size and Atoms will send you three pairs that are a quarter over your chosen size. Try on feet in different sizes and return them for free if they don’t fit.

Atoms have expanded their range, but the 000 model remains a favorite among the brand’s loyalists, who rave about its comfort, adaptability to all terrains, and versatility, as it pairs well with countless casual outfits .

All Atoms fans want more color options and a guide on how to clean these shoes. Personally, that fits a lot of criteria. If the cost doesn’t make me grin, I’ll make it clear. More on that later in this Atoms shoe review.

Atoms Tie-Dye Blue Limited Edition Model 000

Does long work stop you from admiring the brilliant colors in the sky? Do not be discouraged. Here are a few little things that can make clouds spin under your feet. Inspired by the Brooklyn Navy Yard office backdrop, Atoms released a limited-edition tie-dye blue Model 000 in September for $129.

The sneaker design is the same as the OG model, but a message is subtly woven into the craftsmanship – take care of the environment. Every pair of Atoms Tie-Dye Blue Model 000 is made to order so no excess stock is wasted.

Atoms uses eco-friendly inks to achieve tie-dye prints that use less water than traditional dyeing. His commitment to sustainability is also reflected in the materials in this piece of paradise: 100% recycled polyester and brass grommets

Unfortunately, at the time of this Atoms shoe review, the window to order these limited-edition shoes had expired. But we still include these sneakers in our list to give customers an idea of ​​the cool Atoms that sometimes pop up.

The brand also offers matching tie-dye face masks to match these shoes. Now that’s a bold statement. To register for future limited editions, which may be available in different tie-dye blue collections, customers can text “New Drop” to (917) 540-8458.

Atoms Water-Resistant Limited Edition Model 000

When customers complain about a lack of variety, Atoms adds a pop of color to their collections. When they complained about poor water resistance, the brand launched a limited-edition waterproof model. Atoms is clearly a company that listens well and innovates quickly.

Atom’s water-resistant limited-edition Model 000 features three layers: a breathable mesh, a waterproof foil, and a copper lining to keep the bacteria out of your feet. Retailing for $169, the shoes are available in a variety of colors, including bright neon shades, soft red accents, smooth coral pinks, almond yellows and rich navy blues.

Pair Atoms neon shoes with solid-color outfits to liven up your look, or pair sneakers with flashy neon outfits, like Serena William did at last year’s Met Gala when she was paired by Mann Ohanian Atoms. If you want to get away from monochromatic colors but aren’t sure how to create an explosive color palette, opt for understated coral pink loafers.

People also ask

Why are atom shoes so expensive?

Where are Atoms shoes manufactured?

Travel to Atoms’ factory in South Korea to see the production of the Tie-Dye Blue Model 000. Made from 100% recycled polyester, the Tie-Dye Blue Atoms Model 000 uses a special sublimation technique with environmentally friendly ink to create the tie-dye print.

Are Atoms true to size?

Startup Sneaker Brand Atoms Just Fixed One of the Biggest Problems With Shopping for Shoes. The new company offers customizable sizing and a low-key look. You are, in all likelihood, wearing the wrong shoe size.

Do you wear socks with Atoms?

We would still recommend you wear socks with the Model 000. The copper is there to keep your shoes fresh in comparison to a traditional shoe. We know some of our customers prefer to go sock less but the product is designed to take the edge off for the average person.

Do Atoms shoes fit wide feet?

You absolutely can do that. People with wide feet have a 50/50 chance of making it work doing that. Increasing the length doesn’t always translate to a better fit when width is the concern. The upper is fabric so it is more forgiving so a quarter size up may also work.

How do I clean my Atoms?

If you’re going to take the risk of washing them, take the insoles out, keep the laces tied, add in shoe trees, put your Atoms in a linen bag or pillow case, and mix in towels or sheets to pad the washing machine in cold water on a gentle cycle.

Who invented Atoms shoes?

Sidra Qasim

Atoms founders Sidra Qasim and Waqas Ali share their origin story, lessons they’ve learned, and their future plans. Sidra Qasim and Waqas Ali started Atoms armed with ambition, curiosity, and a passion for making shoes.

Are Atoms shoes non slip?

They began designing the sneaker that could be multi-purpose, both casual and dressy. The upper part of the shoes is a high durability yarn blend, the sole in non-slip rubber. They understood that fit was very important for a shoe worn most of every day.

Are Atoms waterproof?

Atoms are designed to be an everyday shoe so it is very breathable. Unfortunately, those holes also let in water. Atoms will hold up against light to moderate rain with a midsole that is thick enough to withstand the occasional puddle. We did create two colors (Coral Pink and Ocean Blue) that are water resistant.

Do Atoms shoes stretch over time?

There should be a ¼ to ⅓ of an inch distance between your longest toe and the front of the shoe (about a half a thumb nail). Your Atoms won’t stretch much over time, so how they feel on day 1 is how they’ll feel on day 100.

How long do Atoms take to ship?

All orders ship within 24-48 hours. You should expect to receive your order within 2-4 business days after it ships. HOW MUCH DOES SHIPPING COST? Atoms offers complimentary shipping and returns.

What is a good homemade shoe cleaner?

Diy shoe cleaner: 1/2 tbs dawn dish soap 1 tbs baking soda 1 tbs hydrogen peroxide. After rubbing on shoes (I used a toothbrush) wait 15-20 minutes and wash off with a wet washcloth or paper towel.

Are Atoms Zero Drop shoes?

Altra running shoes: zero drop shoes but with cushion, they are the best of both worlds—they are shaped like feet, don’t distort your stride, but they give you great impact protection. I’ve been wearing Altras for five years and they keep getting better.

What are atom shoes made of?


Some other notable features of Atoms’ sneakers include a breathable mesh upper, a sole made of rubber and foam, and elastic laces—allegedly so you only have to tie them once, no matter how often you slide them on and off.

How do you lace atom shoes?

Who is Sidra Qasim?


Sidra Qasim: I’m from Pakistan, and nobody in my family had a business background. I was the first woman to get out of my small town. In 2012, my now cofounder Waqas Ali and I had the idea to start making high quality products from Pakistan, especially shoes, and to start selling them online.

Are Atoms wide?

One single atom is about one 250-millionth of an inch (0.000000004 inches). That’s the same as one ten-millionth of a millimeter across (0.0000001 mm).

Can Atoms be washed?

Atoms will not replace sneakers damaged by machine wash. Mix in towels or sheets to pad them in the washing machine in cold water on a gentle cycle.

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