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Compression shorts should be an essential part of any martial artist’s gear. Compression shorts can help absorb sweat and prevent chafing when worn as a base layer for a uniform or Gi. Most compression shorts are made from quick-drying, antimicrobial fabrics to keep you comfortable during your workouts. The tight fit of the compression shorts ensures they stay out of the way and stay in place even during the toughest workouts.

Wearing compression shorts under your fighting shorts while fighting will help ensure you don’t show anything you don’t want to show. Some compression shorts will also help keep your muscles and everything else in place. This results in less pain during exercise and faster recovery time. Some compression shorts even have a built-in cup pocket. If you prefer a separate groin guard, put compression shorts over it for more stability and protection.

An Introduction to the Sport of Vale Tudo

Popular in Brazil, the controversial martial art known as vale tudo is considered by many to be the “pioneer of mixed martial arts”. Many of the aspects found in Vale Tudo are also reflected in the more modern martial arts it inspired. Vale Tudo exists as a full-fledged martial art with very limited rules and regulations. This means there are few rules to protect Vale Tudo’s fighters. Many advertisers and promoters refuse to continue to support Vale Tudo, which exists only as an underground faction in most of the world.

Critics want the sport to introduce new rules that will bring the event closer to the level of mixed martial arts. On the other hand, many Vale Tudo fans don’t want to sacrifice the unique elements of its display, citing its existence as a sport unlike all other martial arts as one of its most laudable attributes.

Vale Tudo Shorts

No matter how you look at the sport, Vale Tudo shorts have become popular in a variety of martial arts. While Vale Tudo shorts are very similar to compression shorts, there is one major difference. Unlike Vale Tudo shorts, most compression shorts are designed as a base layer. Vale Tudo shorts are generally thicker than compression shorts and can be worn on their own or over compression shorts.

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Ideal for both grappling and stand-up, the Crown Vale Tudo Shorts are used in MMA, BJJ & Kickboxing competitions worldwide.

What is Vale Tudo shorts?


Vale Tudo shorts are the shortcut compression shorts worn by fighters. They were popularized in the 80s/90s by Brazilian Vale Tudo fighters. One of the first companies to produce these types of shorts were Bad Boy and now almost all MMA/BJJ companies make them.

Are Vale Tudo shorts compression shorts?

While Vale Tudo shorts are very similar to compression shorts there is a major difference. Most compression shorts are designed as a base layer where Vale Tudo shorts are not. Vale Tudo shorts tend to be thicker than compression shorts and can be worn on their own or layered over compression shorts.

What are the tight MMA shorts called?

Vale Tudo shorts

If you’ve ever watched a UFC fight, you might notice some of the fighters don’t wear the style of MMA short we mentioned earlier, instead wearing a set of skin-tight shorts instead. These are often referred to as Vale Tudo shorts, which are a grappling-based item of clothing similar to compression shorts.

Where can I learn Vale Tudo?

Calvert MMA Academy has the highest trained Vale Tudo instructors in Southern Maryland. The Gracie family lineage and training runs through this organization – Grand Master Relson Gracie visits our gym multiple times each year.

What do MMA fighters wear under their shorts?

Every UFC fighter has to wear a groin guard under their shorts. It has to be approved by the athletic commission sanctioning the fight, and the fighter must feel comfortable in it. Some materials are prohibited, and no extra padding is allowed.

What kind of shorts do MMA fighters wear?

Compression Shorts (aka Vale Tudo) Nowadays seemingly the most common type of shorts worn by MMA fighters, the compressions shorts provide many advantages. Jon Jones is a polarizing figure in the MMA community and has achieved massive achievements while wearing this type of short.

Do UFC fighters choose their shorts?

Yes, both the athletes and the corners may keep their product after each fight. Each athlete will be asked to select and return one piece of apparel (shorts, hoodie or shirt) worn during the walkout or fight to the UFC equipment team.

Do female MMA fighters wear groin protection?


Current UFC rules and guidelines actually discourage women from wearing groin protection during a fight. However, protective pads are available for women to help prevent abdominal pain, bleeding or bruising after a groin strike.

Why are boxing shorts so high?


As I mentioned above, one of the core reasons for boxers wearing their shorts high is to protect themselves from body blows by riding up the shorts. Although the shorts’ height technically does not determine which blows are legal, this trick can confuse the opponent and the referee.

What are the rules of Vale Tudo?


The rules of Valo Rules are simple, there were no rules. In a sport that literally translates to “Anything Goes”, there was very little room. However, the modern iterations of the sport have made measures to prevent catastrophic injuries while still keeping as close to the “Anything Goes” roots.

Does Vale Tudo still exist?

Vale Tudo events are still taking place in small numbers around Brazil. Due to the violent and bloody nature of the sport, these underground events sometimes cause controversy in the media.

Is Vale Tudo a martial art?

Vale Tudo is a Brazilian martial arts system that is similar to mixed martial arts but with even fewer rules (i.e. some fights allow bare fists and headbutts).

Why are Muay Thai shorts so short?


Muay Thai shorts are designed to give Muay Thai fighters the maximum amount of air flow so that when they are training they can cool off faster. Another reason why the shorts are short is because Thai Boxers like to expose their leg muscles when they are throwing kicks.

Do UFC fighters get brain damage?


But, how much brain damage do UFC fighters have? Research shows that brain injuries among MMA fighters (including UFC) range from 25-33% of individuals. The percentage gets higher as you move up weight classes. It also gets higher parallel to the fighter’s active fighting years.

Can UFC fighters box?


All MMA fighters train in boxing, obviously. But that isn’t the same thing as getting in the ring with elite opponents. Mayweather vs. McGregor, in reality, ended up being fine.

What MMA shorts does Conor Mcgregor wear?

Under the sponsorship deal, the champion wears black shorts with a gold trim while the challenger wears white shorts. However, since both fighters are belt-holders, the UFC changed things up for this fight.

What shorts are good for BJJ?


Best BJJ shorts summary

  1. Best overall BJJ shorts: Gold BJJ Fight Shorts, Fuji Baseline Grappling Shorts, Hayabusa Hexagon Fight Shorts.
  2. Best cheap BJJ shorts: Sanabul Essential Combat Shorts, Hawk Sports MMA shorts.
  3. Fan favourites: 93 Brand Standard Issue, RVCA Grappler Short, Phalanx FC RIZR Ultralight Shorts.

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