Where are howard miller clocks made

The Howard Miller Company is a Zeeland, Michigan, based manufacturer of longcase clocks and other home furnishings. Howard Miller Company …

Are Howard Miller clocks made in the USA?

In a day where so many consumer products are built in China, most of our grandfather clocks are made in the USA. The Howard Miller grandfather clocks are built in an old Dutch settlement on the Michigan shore in the small town of Zeeland, MI near Holland, MI.

Are Howard Miller clocks made in Germany?

And the exquisite movement in many clocks Howard Miller offers is made by Old World craftsmen employed by the Kieninger Company of Germany.

Is Howard Miller a good clock brand?

Incomparable workmanship, unsurpassed quality and a quest for perfection. It’s what Howard C. Miller insisted on when he founded the company back in 1926, at the age of 21.

Is Howard Miller Clock Company still in business?

Today, the Howard Miller Company is still family owned and operated in its third generation. Howard Miller Clock Company is the largest clock company in the United States and the largest manufacturer of grandfather clocks in the world.

What clocks are made in the USA?

Made in America Clocks

  1. Italian Hotel Wall Clock 24" by J. Thomas. …
  2. Gamma Electric Wall Clock by J. …
  3. Delta Electric Wall Clock by J. …
  4. Tesla Electric Wall Clock by J. …
  5. Katherine Wall Clock by Howard Miller.
  6. Coronelli World Map Clock 24" by J. …
  7. Grand Americana Wall Clock 30" by Howard Miller. …
  8. Alpha Electric Wall Clock by J.

How can you tell a fake Howard Miller clock?

Authentic Howard Miller Clocks All Howard Miller clocks have a foil label affixed that features a model number along with the clock’s serial number, according to Howard Miller. This is found either on the back of the clock or inside the case of the clock behind the working features or on the side of the inner case.

How can you tell how old a clock is?

The following are several additional things that will help with trying to identify or date an antique clock:

  1. Clock style.
  2. Type of clock glass, stenciling, hand style and fasteners.
  3. Type of strike movement, such as bell, chime rod or gong.
  4. Material of the dial, for example paper, ceramic, wood or tin.
  5. Serial number.

Is Howard Miller a good grandfather clock?

The styles between the two brands can be quite different when comparing a Ridgeway clock to a Howard Miller. Look for the style and finish that best suits your decor. The quality of both brands are now identical with a high level of integrity and both carry a strong two year warranty of all of their grandfather clocks.

Do grandfather clocks increase in value?


Expect that your grandfather clock could be worth anywhere from $200 to $20,000 depending on the features and the condition of the clock. If you are willing to sell an antique clock and be fair about the overall pricing, chances are you will make quite a bit of money off of it.

How do you transport a grandfather clock?

How to: Moving a Grandfather Clock

  1. Round up your tools and supplies. …
  2. Familiarise yourself with the Grandfather Clock. …
  3. Remove the hood. …
  4. Tie cables or chains to prevent from tangling. …
  5. Remove the weights. …
  6. Remove the pendulum. …
  7. Remove the workings of the clock. …
  8. Move the Grandfather Clock to the van.

What year did Howard Miller start making clocks?

Howard Miller Creates Modern Clocks Starting in 1947, Howard Miller began to offer modern clocks that were designed by George Nelson Associates. They went beyond the original chime and mantle style clocks in order to create modern clocks designed for tables and walls.

How do you move a Howard Miller grandfather clock?

How do I contact Howard Miller clock?

We have setup a special hotline for affected customers at 616-748-2698. You may also submit your details below and a Howard Miller Customer Service representative will reach out as soon as possible. We are experiencing a high volume of submissions, we appreciate your patience.

How do you wind a Howard Miller clock?

Push the winding key into the holes on the dial face. Howard Miller clocks have one to three winding holes. Turn the key clockwise until tight. Wind the clock once a week.

Where are clocks manufactured?

Since the late 1980s, China has become the manufacturing center of watches and clocks, supplying a large proportion of the world’s timepieces.

Where are Chelsea clocks made?

Chelsea, Massachusetts

Clocks produced by Chelsea Clock Company have been found in the White House, on US Naval Ships, and in homes and offices around the world. The company continues to build and repair clocks at their corporate headquarters in Chelsea, Massachusetts.

Where are Bernhard clocks made?


All of our clocks are designed in New York and manufactured in China.

Where is the serial number on a clock?

The serial number is usually found on the back of the clock, located on a sticker. However, it is possible to view the serial number through the clock’s display as well. Ethernet clocks will display the serial number on a information page that can be accessed in the following manner.

How do you stop a grandfather clock from chiming?

Look for a lever or setting called "Chime Silent" or similar. The setting may be on the clock face and not near other controls. If you’d like to shut down the Westminster or other chimes, select the "Silent" option.

How do you hang weights on a Howard Miller grandfather clock?

Be sure the hook on top of each weight is tight by turning the hook clockwise. Hang each weight on the pulley in the proper position as shown. Facing the clock, each weight is marked on the bottom Left, Center, or Right. Move ONLY the minute hand counter-clockwise until the correct time is set.

Where should a grandfather clock be placed in the house?

“They do best in a room that’s comfortable for everyday living, not too hot or cold, and not too damp or dry. These clocks are susceptible to extreme fluctuations in humidity and temperature. And just like other fine pieces of furniture, the fluctuations can cause the wood to swell and shrink.”

How can you tell the age of a grandfather clock?

This can be found printed or engraved at the centre or edge of the face or stamped on the movements backplate. This is sometimes accompanied by a serial number on the back of the dial that can give a very accurate date and place of origin.

What model is my Howard Miller clock?

-Most Howard Miller clocks have a foil label either on the back of the clock or inside the case on the back or side. This label is printed with the clock’s model and serial number. These model numbers can be compared to trade catalogs.

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