Who is chelsea selling sunset

Chelsea Lazkani is the newest agent taking Sunset Boulevard by storm. While she might not have a net worth that matches her Selling Sunset …

Who is Chelsea Lazkani married to?


husband Jeff Lazkani

With no boundaries between the private and professional on the show, fans are eager to know everything they can about Oppenheim Group’s latest addition, Chelsea Lazkani, especially about the elusive man in her life, husband Jeff Lazkani.

How old os Chelsea from Selling Sunset?


29 years old

Lazkani is 29 years old and was born in London to Nigerian immigrant parents.

Is Chelsea from Selling Sunset for real?

‘Selling Sunset”s new realtor Chelsea Lazkani has insisted the property deal that landed her a regular slot on the show was all real. The estate agent is the latest addition to the cast of the Netflix reality show after landing a coveted job at the Oppenheim Group, run by twins Jason and Brett Oppenheim.

Who is Chelsea’s mom Selling Sunset?

Chelsea from Selling Sunset wasn’t lying when she said her mother is successful in her career. Chelsea is from London and is British-Nigerian. She says she was inspired by her parents to have a successful career. Her mother is called Elizabeth Adefioye and her father is called Segun Adefioye.

What does Chelsea’s husband Jeff do?

What does Chelsea Lazkani’s Husband Do? Unlike Chelsea, Jeff isn’t in the real estate business. He’s actually a Managing Partner at Icon Media Direct.

Is Chelsea Lazkani friends with Christine?

When Lazkani joined the show, she immediately bonded with castmate Christine Quinn. Quinn even called Lazkani her “real estate soul mate.” While the pair are friends, Lazkani has no plans on ditching the Oppenheim Group like Quinn has done recently.

How much is Chelsea Lazkani worth?

Chelsea Lazkani has a higher net worth than Jeff Lazkani Meanwhile, Chelsea, who is both a real estate agent and now a reality star, could have a net worth of $500,000. Chelsea has stated she is open to returning to Selling Sunset if the show gets renewed.

Who are Chelsea Lazkani parents?

Chelsea Lazkani Father, Mother, Sister & Brother

ParentsFather: – Segun Adefioye. Mother: – Elizabeth Adefioye.
BrotherRichard Adefioye.
SisterOyinda Adefioye.
Family MembersKolawole Adefioye. Lanre Adefioye.

Does Chelsea still work for Oppenheim?

Chelsea Lazkani, who is the newest realtor to join the cast of Selling Sunset, may be the only Oppenheim Group agent not happy that Christine Quinn quit The Oppenheim Group.

Is Chelsea Lazkani a real agent?

Chelsea Lazkani is a British-Nigerian, wife, mother, and luxury realtor. As a real estate agent in one of the most competitive markets in the world, Lazkani is breathing new life into an industry not typically dominated by black women.

Did Chelsea join Oppenheimer?

According to her LinkedIn (opens in new tab), Lazkani worked at Rodeo Realty from 2017 to 2020, and joined Oppenheim in July 2021. Per her Zillow page (opens in new tab), Lazkani works with all types of clients, from first-time buyers to developers.

Is Chelsea Lazkani a realtor?

About me. Chelsea Lazkani, a British Native was raised in a ‘real estate family’ after finishing her Masters in Scotland, UK Chelsea took her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for real estate and became a REALTORS®.

Who is Chelsea Lazkani?


Chelsea Lazkani exudes main-character energy. The 29-year-old London-born, Los Angeles-based firecracker is the brand-new breakout star of Selling Sunset, Adam DiVello’s addictive reality sensation following the impossibly glamorous and fiercely competitive real estate agents at West Hollywood’s The Oppenheim Group.

Who is Emma Hernan?

Emma Hernan is one of the real estate agents on Netflix’s Selling Sunset – find out her age, Instagram, net worth, swimming career, and other TV work.

Who is the richest on Selling Sunset?


Chrishell Stause – $5 million Apparently, Chrishell is one of the richest of the Selling Sunset agents, thanks to some high commissions from her properties and also her acting career in Days Of Her Lives.

What nationality is Jeff Lazkani?

Jeff Lazkani Wiki / Bio (Religion & Birthday)

Full Real NameJeff Lazkani.
Alma MaterThe University of San Diego.
QualificationGraduate in business Administration.
Sun SignPisces.

Do Chelsea and Christine still talk?


Selling Sunset’s Chelsea Lazkani Says She’s Still Tight with Christine Quinn: ‘I Love Her to Pieces’

Did Christine quit Selling Sunset?


“Selling Sunset” Star Christine Quinn Is Leaving The O Group To Go All In On Crypto. The reality show archvillain has launched a crypto real estate company with her husband.

Are Chelsea and Davina friends?

Chelsea made it pretty clear though that they’re strictly colleagues and not friends. Since the reunion episode, Chelsea has admitted there were some off-camera microaggressions thrown at her from Davina.

Who is Jeff Lazkani?

As Managing Partner of Icon Media Direct, Jeff is a pioneer at the forefront of cutting edge Martech trends and a leader of the industry’s pre-eminent TV/CTV performance agency.

Who is the youngest on Selling Sunset?

Chelsea Lazkani

Selling Sunset’s youngest and newest cast member, Chelsea Lazkani, is British-Nigerian. She started dating her now-husband, Jeff Lazkani, in 2015, and they wed in 2017. Together, they have two children: Maddox Ali Lavon, 3, and Melia Man, 2.

How tall are Brett and Jason Oppenheim?


The pair trained as lawyers before they went into the real estate business. Jason and Brett are often seen with their realtors towering over them, resulting in many fans wondering how tall the twins are. According to reports, the brothers both stand at five feet and six inches tall.

Did Amanza leave Oppenheim?


compared to what she’s going through, everything else at the office is so unimportant and petty.” However, others believe we’re seeing less of Amanza’s realtor career because she has stepped back from that side of The Oppenheim Group. “She’s primarily a designer/house stager,” wrote one person.

Did Maya leave Selling Sunset?


TMZ first reported Vander’s exit. On Thursday, after PEOPLE confirmed the news of her departure from Selling Sunset, Vander posted an Instagram Story and announced that she would officially be leaving the Netflix hit.

Does Jason hire Chelsea?

"I love working with Chelsea. We were just together a couple of days ago talking about this huge new listing that we’re working on together that she’s bringing in," Jason said in the March 29 interview.

How old is Chelsea selling?


Chelsea Lazkani exudes main character energy. The 29-year-old London-born, Los Angeles-based firecracker is the brand new breakout star of Selling Sunset, Adam DiVello’s addictive reality sensation following the impossibly glamorous and fiercely competitive real estate agents at West Hollywood’s The Oppenheim Group.

Did Christine leave Oppenheim Group?

‘ Christine recently confirmed she had parted ways with the Oppenheim Group to focus on working with her husband. She said: ‘I terminated my contract when the brokerage launched.

Does Chelsea from Selling Sunset still like Christine?

Selling Sunset ‘s Chelsea Lazkani Says She’s Still Tight with Christine Quinn: ‘I Love Her to Pieces’ The newest member of the Oppenheim Group, Chelsea Lazkani, is not letting others’ opinions get in the way of her friendship with Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn.

What does Emma Hernan do for a living?


Emma Hernan of “Selling Sunset” is the definition of a multi-hyphenate. She’s a luxury real estate agent at the Oppenheim Group, a vegan empanada entrepreneur, an Olympic qualifying swimmer — and in her own words, “a daredevil.”

Who is Maya’s husband on Selling Sunset?


Maya Vander and husband Dave Miller have been through the wringer when it comes to expanding their family, but they’re still going strong. The Selling Sunset star, who met Miller while living in California, has created a family-focused life in Miami, Florida.

Is Chelsea from Selling Sunset married?

Unlike her castmate Emma Hernan, Chelsea found the Los Angeles dating scene to be a breeze — she met Jeff on a dating app almost immediately after she moved to LA and they pretty quickly got married and had two kids.

Who is Jeff on Selling Sunset Season 5?

He is a managing partner of the ad-tech company Icon Media Direct. He’s been working there for 16 years, according to LinkedIn. Chelsea asked Jeff what he thought about her working for Jason. He was very supportive and said they were going to love her immediately.

Is Davina still with Oppenheim Group?

Davina Potratz left The Oppenheim Group—the real estate brokerage that’s the subject of Netflix’s Selling Sunset reality show—in 2020. In an interview with People (opens in new tab), Potratz revealed she was presented with an offer she couldn’t refuse from a rival real estate firm in Beverly Hills, Douglas Elliman.

How old is Christine Quinn?


Is Cristina coming back to Selling Sunset?

She’s back! Christine Quinn is “absolutely” returning for season 6 of Selling Sunset despite her exit from the Oppenheim Group.

Who got fired from Selling Sunset?

Naturally, many fans are concerned about her future with the Netflix series. In a recent interview, Christine shed light on her exit from the brokerage, which she claims producers knew about, and details the staged firing in the season 5 finale of Selling Sunset.

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