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Who plays Aladdin in the new Aladdin movie?


The Rick Jacobsen-helmed film will be the first movie Massoud has starred in since playing Aladdin Disney’s live-action remake Aladdin. The film was a highly successful smash, which also starred Will Smith, earning $1 billion dollars at the worldwide box office in 2019.

Who played the first Aladdin?

Scott Weinger

Aladdin (1992 Disney film)

StarringScott Weinger Robin Williams Linda Larkin Jonathan Freeman Frank Welker Gilbert Gottfried Douglas Seale
Edited byH. Lee Peterson
Music byAlan Menken
Production companiesWalt Disney Pictures Walt Disney Feature Animation

Who voiced Aladdin in 1992?

Bradley Caleb "Brad" Kane is an American actor, voice actor, singer, producer, and writer, who provided the singing voice of Aladdin in Disney’s 1992 animated film, Aladdin, in which he recorded "One Jump Ahead" and "A Whole New World", alongside Lea Salonga.

What happened to the actor who played Aladdin?

Since starring in the titular role of Aladdin, Mena Massoud has not broken much ground in Hollywood. He had a small role in the 2019 thriller Strange But True, starred in the since-cancelled Hulu show Reprisal and guest-starred in an episode of 9-1-1: Lone Star.

Who voiced Jasmine Aladdin?


Linda Elizabeth Larkin (born March 20, 1970) is an American actress, best known for her role as the speaking voice of Princess Jasmine in Disney’s 1992 animated feature film Aladdin.

How much of the genie in Aladdin was improvised?


At the end of filming, Williams had recorded 16 hours of improvised material on top of his normal dialogue.

Who sang for Aladdin in the cartoon?

Scott Weinger and Brad Kane as Aladdin Weinger, 43, voiced the titular character while Kane, 45, provided Aladdin’s singing voice. Weinger has continued to voice Aladdin for several Disney animated films including Mickey’s House of Villains, Aladdin and the King of Thieves and more.

Who was the original Jasmine?

Jasmine was the first Disney Princess to be voiced by two actresses, Linda Larkin providing her speaking voice, and Lea Salonga providing her singing voice, preceding Pocahontas in 1995 and Mulan in 1998. Lea Salonga provided both Jasmine and Mulan’s singing voices.

Did Robin Williams do the singing in Aladdin?

"Friend Like Me" is a song from the 1992 Disney film Aladdin. It was performed by Robin Williams in his role as the Genie. The song is also performed by Will Smith in the remake.

How much did Robin Williams make Aladdin?


Disney only paid the actor $75,000 for ‘Aladdin’ Williams’ focus, he told Today (via the Los Angeles Times), was his kids. “We had a deal. The one thing I said was I will do the voice. I’m doing it basically because I want to be part of this animation tradition.

Where was Aladdin filmed?


According to Atlas of Wonders, most of the film was shot on two studio lots in England; the fictional Arab city of Agrabah had "all the streets, the square, and the palace" built on an enormous set in Longcross Studios, Surrey, and other scenes were filmed in Arborfield Studios, near Reading.

Did Will Smith do the dancing in Aladdin?

Will Smith put his own spin in his choreography as the genie in Disney’s ‘Aladdin’ live action remake says choreographer Jamal Sims. Sims showed us the dance steps to a ‘Friend Like Me’ dance number, and gave us insight into the production including teaching us some dance steps to the ‘Friend Like Me’ musical number.

What is the Genie’s real name in Aladdin?


Genie. Genie (voiced by Robin Williams in the first and third film, Dan Castellaneta in the second film, TV series, and Kingdom Hearts, Jim Meskimen in later projects, portrayed by Will Smith in the live-action film) is a jinn and is never given a proper name.

Who is the youngest Disney Princess by age?

Snow White is the youngest Disney princess. She was just 14 years old when she met the prince when her stepmother threw her in the forest. She fell in love with the prince.

Who is the oldest Disney Princess?

Snow White

Snow White (1937) The first of all Disney princesses, Snow White appeared in Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937.

Who plays the voice of Merida?


Merida/Voiced by

Who voiced Jafar in Aladdin?


Jafar/Voiced by

Does Aladdin have a last name?


Aladdin, also known as Prince Ali Ababwa, is the titular protagonist of the Aladdin franchise. A former street rat from the city of Agrabah, Aladdin spent much of his youth scraping for food and ducking guards with his monkey sidekick, Abu.

Who provided the original voice of Aladdin Genie?


The Genie is a fictional Jinn appearing in Walt Disney Pictures’ 31st animated feature film Aladdin (1992). He was voiced by Robin Williams in the first film.

How did Robin Williams Change voice acting?

Williams put everything into the part in the recording studio, busting out his wide array of celebrity impersonations and clocking up 16 hours of improvised material other than his scripted dialogue (via Nerdist). His performance wasn’t just about the jokes and funny voices, though.

How old was Brad Kane in Aladdin?


Is Princess Jasmine Arab or Indian?


Her country of origin, for example, has been frequently disputed. While some claim Jasmine is Arab because the movie opens with a song called Arabian Nights, others believe that the architecture in Agrabah is clearly based on the Taj Mahal, making Jasmine Indian.

Is Aladdin Based on a true story?


More videos on YouTube Fans of Aladdin are probably wondering if the film is based on a true story. Unfortunately, that is not the case. However, the popular film is based on a famous piece of literary history. The One Thousand And One Nights is the Middle Eastern folktale that Disney’s film Aladdin is based on.

What race is Moana?


Moana (character)

TitleChieftess of Motunui
AffiliationDisney Princesses
FamilyChief Tui (father) Sina (mother) Tala (paternal grandmother)

How much of the Genie did Robin Williams ad lib?

Trivia (130) During the course of recording the voices, the late Robin Williams improvised so much they had almost sixteen hours of material.

How much did Will Smith get paid to play Aladdin?

$20 million

How much did Will Smith get paid for Aladdin? Smith made a wish to make at least $20 million for playing the Genie in 2019’s Aladdin—and he got it.

How old was Robert Williams when died?


What painting did Robin Williams get for Aladdin?

The company apologized and said that it wasn’t their decision; then, they tried to make it all better by gifting Robin Williams a Pablo Picasso painting that was worth $1 million. The self-portrait is of the artist imitating another famous painter, Vincent Van Gogh.

Who did the dancing in Aladdin?

Ass Choreographer & Dance Double For the past two years Nicky has worked on Disney’s Aladdin as an ass. choreographer to Jamal Sims & Dance Double of Mena Massoud, who plays Aladdin. During those years Nicky worked very closely with Guy Ritchie, Will Smith & the rest of the production.

Why is Mena Massoud vegan?


When I went vegan, me and my two best friends did a little bit of research based on how animal products were affecting our health and the environment. And we decided to evolve vegan — we decided to eat more plant-based and we slowly cut things out of our diets.

How do you pronounce Mena Massoud’s name?

How do I pronounce his name? It’s Mee-na Mah-sood.

How old did Naomi Scott get married?


She married this athlete super young Scott was 16 at the time and would go on to marry Spence in 2014 when she was 21. If you think that’s really young to get married, you’re not alone. Scott feels the same way. "I was never that person who wanted to get married young.

Will there be an Aladdin 2?


Now, Disney has officially confirmed Aladdin 2, the sequel of the movie back in February 2020. Director Guy Ritchie will take his position and will direct the movie. This newest Disney sequel is being overseen by Ritchie who is currently working on his next movie, Cash Truck.

What nationality is Aladdin?

Aladdin is a fictional character and the titular protagonist of Walt Disney Pictures’ 31st animated feature of the same name based on Aladdin, a folk tale of Middle Eastern origin. … Aladdin (Disney character)

RelativesThe Sultan (father-in-law)

Is Aladdin a Chinese story?


The original story of ‘Aladdin’ is, maybe surprisingly, set in China. In the earliest versions of the story, Aladdin is Chinese. He’s also not an orphaned street urchin but a lazy boy living at home with his mother. All the characters in the tale are also Chinese apart from the wicked magician who is from North Africa.

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