Why do some parts of my hair not curl?

“If there is still moisture in the hair when you use a curling iron, it will not curl as well, and the curls will eventually drop out,” says Huffnagle. To make sure your hair is fully dry before you curl it, blast it with cool air from your blow-dryer, then run your fingers through.

Why is only one side of my hair curly?


It’s very normal to have a mix of curl patterns on the same head of hair. It starts with your genetics. You see, the gene for curly hair is not completely dominant. It can remain dormant until activated and then it changes the shape of the hair follicle which changes the hair that grows from it.

Why does one side curl more than another?

It turns out this hair curling issue comes down to dominant hand dexterity and the tendency to do what’s “more comfortable” first. (It’s just like when you paint your nails: you’re inclined to paint with your good hand first.)

Why is my hair not holding a curl?

Just like adding too little product during the hair curling process, adding too much can be a reason why your hair won’t hold a curl. Always start with a smaller portion, three to four spritzes of hairspray or a small amount of gel or cream, and then slowly add more as needed.

Why are some strands of my hair straight?

If a hair follicle is thick and round, particular amino acids, called cysteines, are less likely to gather close enough to form tight bonds, so the strand is more likely to be straight. If the follicle is flat and thinner, the cysteines are better able to bond together and pull your strands into ringlets.

How do I activate my curls?

How to Activate Curls 8 Easy Ways

  1. Wash Hair With a Sulfate-free Shampoo. Your hair should be clean to start the curl-activation process. …
  2. Use Curl-Defining Conditioner. …
  3. Apply Leave-in Conditioner. …
  4. Comb Hair With Fingers. …
  5. Scrunch it Up. …
  6. Allow Hair to Air-dry. …
  7. Use a Diffuser. …
  8. Don’t Touch!

What do 3A curls look like?


3A hair is made up of well-defined and springy curls that have a loopy, “S” shaped pattern. Their circumference is the size of a piece of sidewalk chalk. 3A ringlets have a fine to medium texture. This curl type benefits from lots of body and movement, but is prone to frizzing and dryness.

How do you fix an uneven curl pattern?


How to Fix Uneven Curl Patterns

  1. Get a dry haircut so your stylist can see your curls in their natural, dry state. …
  2. Cut off damaged ends.
  3. Clarify to remove buidup.
  4. Use curl training when deep conditioning.
  5. Use Olaplex No. …
  6. Avoid heavy butters, oils, and creams if you have normal to low porosity hair and/or fine hair.

Why is my hair flatter on one side?


Accept that it’s completely normal. The first thing you’ve got to do is fully accept that, while having one side of your hair that’s weaker and thinner than the other can be annoying as all get out, it is also completely normal.

Why won’t my hair curl with a flat iron?


If your hair doesn’t curl easily or doesn’t hold a curl, put hairspray on sections immediately before you curl them. If you want your curls to hold their shape just how they immediately fall from the straightener, spritz a tiny bit of hairspray on the hair right before you curl it.

Is it true that your hair changes every 7 years?

A single hair has a normal life between 2 and 7 years. That hair then falls out and is replaced with a new hair. How much hair you have on your body and head is also determined by your genes. Nearly everyone has some hair loss with aging.

Does hair get less curly with age?

As you age, your curls can loosen, change their shape or even form new curl patterns due to hormonal and environmental factors. Or maybe you’re experiencing curly hair for the first time in your life as your aging locks change the shape of your hair follicles.

Why is my natural hair not curling?


Dryness. If your hair is dry, it is less likely to maintain curl definition. Make sure your regimen is centered on putting moisture into your hair. Most of the women I know who are able to capture their curl definition are avid about deep conditioning and sealing their hair with an oil or butter.

Why are some hair strands Curly?

Follicle Shape- The shape of your hair follicle largely determines your curl. Oval follicle shapes produce curly hair while round follicles produce straight hair.

Why are my roots not Curly?

Many of us want volume and more curl uniformity. One of the biggest problems some of us face is hair that will not look uniform on our head when the roots refuse to curl. Often it is from the weight of the hair, especially if your hair grows down instead of out.

Why is my hair not curly anymore after I cut it?

Heavy products applied after your cut may be weighing your hair down, causing it to look less curly. Try washing those out and styling as you normally would to see if you gain any curl back. Removing length could also remove ringlets, which leaves your hair with a straighter look.

Can you train your hair to be curly?

Curl training will help to restore the memory of the curl of the hair. With time, the hair will bounce back naturally. With repeated training, you can get back to the curls you were born with before the damage.

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